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  1. I like Three-goal Jimmy better than Four-goal Joey any day
  2. Awesome! Then we can get Selanne and Khabibulin and have every remaining Winnipeg Jet on our roster! Suck it Jets!
  3. I know it's December, but it seems like Detroit and Pittsburgh are already on a collision course

  4. Flip Flip, a minor leaguer and a pick to Ottawa for Dany Heatley. Genius!
  5. It is written
  6. Pronger, Perry, Getzlaf = my three least favorite players, in order Wings in six (But at least Claude Lemieux is out)
  7. Lilja. No question. He makes moves now, and half the time he even stays on his skates.
  8. When will this interminable off-season end?
  9. I watched that game with my brother in a bar in Fort Collins, Colorado, behind enemy lines so to speak ... when Freddie scored that goal we both went ape. Seeing Avs fans' dismay up close like that is truly priceless
  10. It won't take 5 years for Kronwall to be nominated for a Norris. A couple more injury-free seasons and he'll be right there. He's already got the broadcasters on his side.
  11. We have so many options now I completely forgot about some of those guys. Mike Babcock has the easiest job in the world
  12. Here's what our PP looks like: 1st unit: Hossa, Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Lidstrom, Rafalski Sick. 2nd unit: Franzen, Draper, Cleary, Stuart, Kronwall
  13. Fischer wasn't on the ice in 02, he was suspended that game Maybe it was Slegr