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  1. Franzen or Hossa?

    He shouldn't get paid more than $4 mil. $3.5 mil is about where he belongs. He's very versatile and has an accurate shot (22 goals can attest to that), but he'll never be a prototypical power-forward a la Shanahan or Tkachuk and he'll never be a point-per-game player. But you're right, he'll be asking for a lot more and I'm afraid Holland could end up overpaying for him. Look at Filppula. Yes, he is an investment and could end up being a steal at $3 mil a season, but so far, he's grossly overpaid as a defensive/perimeter forward. Cleary's contract looked like a steal last season. Two consecutive 20-goal seasons, 42 points, +21 and we signed him for only $2.8 mil a season? Well, he's not reaching those numbers this season (unless Babcock will play him with Datsyuk and Z for the remainder of the season). Granted, injuries played a part in his decline in production, but I remember reading comments comparing him to Patrick Sharp, who signed for $3.9 mil a season. I'm glad Holland didn't make a mistake of paying similar money to Cleary. Alright, that was a pointless rant. If I had to pick Franzen at $4 and Hossa at $6 or $6.5, I'd pick Hossa in a heartbeat, even if it cost me Hudler and/or Samuelsson. Hossa is an elite player and at $6.5 mil a season (number I just pulled out of my ass) he'd be an absolute steal.
  2. Value of Jay Bouwmeester as a UFA

    I agree. He'll be this trade deadline's blockbuster deal, similar to Hossa's trade last season. There is no way they'll let him walk for nothing on July 1st. Some team is going to pay a hefty price for this kid. If it was possible, I'd trade any Wings' d-man aside from Lidstrom to get this guy.
  3. Heatley

    Dream on Sparky