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  1. wingedwheelfan

  2. October Schedule Wallpaper Now Available!

    Beauty. Thanks, Matt.
  3. Question about Shootout tonight

    I've used this site in the past, but they don't always have each individual shooter. Nothing's posted yet... tonight's game is at the bottom of the page.
  4. 9/28 xGDT: Red Wings 4, Thrashers 0

    Negative. Tonight's rosters.
  5. 9/28 xGDT: Red Wings 4, Thrashers 0

    Yeah, game's started, based on the NHL realtime window, but I'm getting ads on that feed.
  6. Stevie Y.

    I signed up after getting the email from the Wings' mailing list, and got the texts, too. If they can be used to announce a VP choice, why not this? Now, that's not to say I'm reading too much into it. Like redwings1914 said, an alumni/charity game had crossed my mind. Baseless speculation: something in connection with the Canadiens' centennial? The first few messages seem to be from last season, so maybe the Yzerman message is an old one that's mistakenly being sent out, too. Anyone have access to Yzerman's day planner from last November?
  7. I will sign if I can keep my number!

    Holmstrom did wear #15 for a little while, but as for Datsyuk and Fischer, those cards seem to have pictures from pre-season games- the names are in that block print font and stitched straight across the jersey. It's possible that once the regular season started, they began wearing the numbers we're used to.
  8. Getting autographs in Colorado

    Well, I called the Ice Centre and was told that the Wings were not doing their skate there that day. I got into town a little later than I had hoped to because I was pressed into service to pick up my host at the airport. I didn't try to catch the team anywhere else, so my mission was incomplete and at the very east I can't provide any up to date information for the next game, but I may try again then.
  9. Getting autographs in Colorado

    Thanks for the tips so far. How late would the game-day skate be wrapping up? I'll be heading up to Boulder when I get into the area anyway, but I'm worried I'll be too late to catch them there. Might just have to stake out the bus or go have a nice meal.
  10. Getting autographs in Colorado

    I live in Kansas, so getting to a game is rare for me, but as long as the snow stays light over the next couple days, I'm planning to drive to Denver for my first game since leaving Arizona a couple years ago. It'll be a fun roadtrip no matter what, but I'm looking to make it a little more memorable by getting some Wings autographs while I'm there. Does anybody have any experience tracking down players for autographs at the Pepsi Center in Denver, or around town after the game? Google sent me to an Avalanche message board that wasn't too encouraging- they say it's pretty hard to get close to players from the visiting team. But LGWers are much better people, so I'll appeal to you- can fans wait by the entrance/exit to the arena that the Wings will use? Is there a place to catch them inside the arena? Staking out the team hotel is a little creepy, if you ask me, but it wouldn't hurt to have that information in my back pocket, of anyone can supply it. Any and all pointers are greatly appreciated!
  11. Who got tickets?

    Does it count if I'm treating myself? I'm in Kansas, but as long as the weather holds, I'll be in Denver tomorrow evening for the game.
  12. Jerseys vs. Other Wings Clothing

    Well, my t-shirts are getting pretty worn out, so I usually wear a jersey... but I also have a lot of Wings hats.
  13. Picture Wars


    I've got $24.00... But I'm not willing to give up two+ years of salary to buy it if it's authenticated.
  15. Quincey and Oulahen - SIGNED

    Has he signed any kind of deal in the past? Aren't un-signed 2003 draftees put back into the draft pool for Saturday?