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  1. Where I come from 'Pocket Rocket' isn't a positive nickname.....
  2. Ha, I was hoping someone would make a reference!
  3. I see that line of thinking, but what does Toronto really have to offer? The Leafs don't exactly have any stud prospects they could move, and on the NHL roster the only position they have anything to offer up is on D, which Boston is pretty set at. But at the same time Boston does want to dump some cap space, I could see a possible Kaberle/Kubina + picks for Kessel and a roster player. I've read rumors that the B's want to move Savard, so I wouldn't be surprised to see Savard moved instead of Kessel.
  4. Patrick Kane showed a pretty good backhand in the playoffs.
  5. No, this is a different situation. Boston has had ample time to makes something work. Boston needs to make a move in order to sign anyone. Who knows, maybe Boston wants someone to pull the trigger so they can get some picks.
  6. A few things here. Sounds more to me like Hudler is excited about playing more minutes and having a larger role on the team. Let's face it, Hudler just wasn't good enough to justify a placement on Detroit's top 6. He was a good fit on the 3rd line, and 2nd pp unit. He has the talent to be better, but he never fully matured.
  7. In light of Williams coming back, I say you get a 29 with 'Turnoverwaitingtohappen'. Or is that too long?
  8. Antoine Vermette is stupid fast, he can cause so much havoc with his speed alone it's crazy. He would be awesome, and would probably be someone the Wings could afford. He's Max Afinogenov with defensive ability.
  9. My first thought was, "Where's Potvin?" I can't believe he didn't make the list.
  10. Really? Hossa Hudler Holmstrom Kopecky McCarty Maltby Samuelsson If by better than average you mean 50%+ none of these guys fit the mold. Yes, most of them aren't with the Wings anymore, but stats are stats.
  11. I tend to lean toward enjoying them. He's young, living his dream, and loving every minute of it. Why not show it? Too often hockey fans tend to not wanting to see it. Hockey needs a more marketable star. Crosby is just to plain.
  12. I've found that most companies are all about the same flex difference between levels. Meaning the difference between Easton 85 and 100 is about the same as the RBK regular and mid. The best sticks I've ever used are the Easton Stealth's, they are beasts.
  13. I'm not forgetting anything Fedorov did. I honestly believe that he is the most talented player to ever lace up a pair of skates. The only problem that he had was motivation. Yes, Sergei at 75% was still better than most. But too often we saw the 50% or less Sergei. I'm not bitching, or taking a stab at him. It is what it is. I still wish he was on the team, and I hope he will finish his career as a Wing. There is simply no denying that Pavel is better one on one than Sergei. Fedorov never really undressed guys the way Pavel does. With Sergei it was more just beat the guy, usually with speed and his patented shoulder dip move. You never know where Pavel is going, or what he is going to do with the puck. However talented Sergei was/is, he didn't use the talents to their full potential. I still feel we never saw a 110% effort out of Fedorov for a full season. That's what really separates and elevates Pavel. He is solid every single night. And I think you are way off base to say that Pavel isn't a the offensive or defensive player you say Fedorov was. Any argument you make for Sergei could be flipped to one for Pavel, save Fedorov's ability to play as a defenseman. Really, a stat guy like yourself pulling out the era card eh? Pavel Bure could have scored 100 goals a year playing in the 50's. That's a straw man argument. Sergei was always a scoring threat. But to say he was the best in that era just isn't true. He never won the Art Ross. In fact, from 81-01 if you weren't named Gretzky, Lemieux, or Jagr, you didn't win the Art Ross. On the defensive side, Fedorov won 2 Selke's, to Pavel's one. It's safe to say that for the last 3 seasons Pavel has been talked about winning the award, and for the foreseeable future will continue to be right near the top of that list. He should end his career with a few Selke's. It's six in one hand...
  14. All I'm saying is that anytime Canada doesn't win, it's an upset. You just can't say that about Russia. Canada's biggest obstacle is not getting the most talented team, but the right team. If it were about sheer talent, Canada would win very year, hands down. Vinny Crosby Thornton Iginla Nash Savard Getzlaf Carter Marleau Roy Cammalleri St. Louis Brad Richards Mike Richards Luongo Marty Fleury Giguere Come on. That's without putting any effort in thinking about it.
  15. Exactly... With the way the game is called, Lebda can't get a stick or elbow up to protect himself without taking a penalty. Ozzie can't run interference, or play the puck. On a sidenote, I would like to know why Lebda stretched out the way he did. Doesn't make much sense to me. Hug the glass and let Clutterbuck absorb the recoil.