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  1. Mickeyisms Rule!

  2. Wow... this forum feels... awkward

    More likely it was someone with a above-average knowledge of computers that went to a site like millw0rm and copied the code from there. It may not have even been directed at LGW directly, but the vulnerability was found during someone port-scanning and vulnerability scanning the network location of this forum. I catch these script kiddies all the time trying to penetrate my network at work. Sometimes I have a little fun with them and reverse it on them. I would hate to be the parent of the kids/adults that I messed up when the howls and crying started coming from the basement
  3. Did Crosby earn your respect?

    The kid is great at hockey, just sucks at life. As a player I respect his skills. As a human being, I feel that he has a long way to go to earn my respect. He could have earned it by changing his statement from "I didn't think it would be that close," to be "I hoped it wouldn't be that close." Confidence is fine. Blatant cockiness is another.
  4. My Olympic Nightmare

    The NHL should think about going to this system. 3 points for a win in regulation. In OT/Shootout, winner gets 2, loser gets 1. Every game is a 3 point game. Kind of makes you NOT want to play for the tie, eh?
  5. Chelios police video

    A half liter is 16.9 ounces. A single bottle of beer is often 12 ounces. If, as you claim, the strongest American beer is only 4.5% ABV (alcohol by volume), then one bottle of your claimed weak American beer would not get you drunk- and depending on how fast you drink it, you wouldn't even be impaired. But, I will have you know, you are dead wrong about your claims of weak American beer. Just last night I was quaffing a fine American beer that was 10.2% ABV. The brewery we have here in town does big beers that exceed 13% ABV. While what you claim may have been true until about 1985, it has changed dramatically- even to the point that European brewers are now learning from and following the lead of American craft brewers. Feel free to head on over to the states. I'll even buy you a beer.
  6. Ads on the glass behind the nets?

    FSN caught a lot of flack on the ads the first time- they made them overpower the brightness of the ice and they had no transparency to them at all. Looks like they got the message. The ones in tonight's game had some transparency to them and they didn't look like banners strung up on the backside of the glass. I can deal with them. I would prefer they weren't there. I imagine that this would be a home game only thing because they would probably run into troubles with the away arenas. I may find myself looking forward to away games if that is the case.
  7. Meech on the PP?

    With the sheer amount of time that Stuart is on the ice in every other situation, isn't it fair to give the guy a break every now and then? He already plays a lot of minutes per game. Sometimes you just need a chance to breathe- even if for 2 minutes.
  8. Leino to Flyers for Tollefsen and a 5th Rounder

    Does this mean that we can stop with the whining about how he has so much potential and we shouldn't give up on him? For a guy with so much potential, he was a complete disappointment. Leino was missing things needed to succeed in Detroit. He was missing defensive ability, skating ability, and a work ethic. He'll be back home in Finland or in the KHL next year. We won't have to worry about him coming back to bite us in the ass. Guy would have to have teeth to bite us. This is a great trade- if only to get rid of some of the trash.
  9. Jimmy Howard

    The season that Dom got yanked from the playoffs and we rode Ozzie to the cup. Maybe because he got replaced when he was hot? Yep, good idea riding Legace. How many rounds did we get into the playoffs that year? Once again you are talking about what Ozzie did for us in the past. Frankly, it doesn't hold water with me any longer. Ozzie will get a chance to play again this season, but if he keeps letting in crappy soft goals that break the back of this team LIKE HE HAS BEEN DOING ALL THIS SEASON AND MOST OF LAST, he shouldn't start regularly. Ozzie's problems are mostly mental right now as well. They were mental last year. Do you honestly think that this team can afford to give Ozzie time to get his head on straight this year too?? How many times can this guy lose it and get it back? Eventually the team will just lose confidence in him. It is the job of the coach to figure out when that time has come. As stated above, this is mostly mental. Age will play some part in it- as it won't be that easy for him to play is way back into shape. Last year there may have been a lot of horse left. But his play this season has made him smelling more like what comes out of the back end of a horse than like the goalie he has been in past years. I never thought I would ever say this, but I now feel when Ozzie is on the ice like I did when Chevaldae was playing for us. I just know the bad goal is going in, the only question is when. Luckily that question has been answered in the fist 2 minutes of the 1st period, so at least the waiting doesn't cause me stress.
  10. Jimmy Howard

    Even better is the fact that it turns out that Dom didn't need to get going. In fact, the way he played in the playoffs got him right out of there, didn't it? Maybe Babcock learned from his mistake that year. The hot hand is often the one to go with, and the other goalie, while it would be nice, may never get going after all. As I said in a previous post, it's a fact of aging. You can't keep it going physically forever. It is plausible, if not even likely, that Ozzie just doesn't have it in him any longer. There comes a time in every player's career where you can't just rely on what you have accomplished in the past.
  11. Jimmy Howard

    Life sometimes does stink. You know we are all getting older. Having just turned 40 recently, I have had to come to terms with the fact that I will never be a sports star, no matter how hard I try. Ozzie has been a star, but the doubts that he placed on us last year during his struggles have come back to haunt him this year. As long as Howard is playing like he is, Ozzie will only get starts on back-to-back games. The starting job was really Ozzie's to lose, even though he had a GAA of of 3 last year (3.09). This season he started 18 games. In those 18 games he has posted a .901 Sv% and a 2.72 GAA. It isn't like he hasn't played at all this season. Howard has posted a 2.25 GAA and a .925 Sv% in 24 games this season. If Howard loses his edge, I fully expect Ozzie to begin starting regularly again. But for as long as Howard has the hot hand, he won't. I'm not an Ozzie-hater. I am not a Howard lover. I am a Red Wings fan, and all I want is for the person that starts in goal to be the person that best gives the Wings a chance to win. This season so far, it has been Howard.
  12. Who gets hurt next?

  13. [GDT] 9/30 - Red Wings, 6 @ Farjestad BK, 2

    Try streaming it here http://blog.mlive.com/snapshots/2009/09/nh...d_wings-fa.html I'm blocked at work too but the embedded feature works.
  14. Lineups for tonights game

    The Wings need to get the crew that does the microphones/sound for HSG into the Joe. You can hear everything- even on the stream.
  15. Lineups for tonights game

    just got more brutal. Essh. Rangers are 2 for 3 on the PP. Cloutier's not even in net yet!