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  1. he's not an ufa
  2. unfortunetly for you guys hes planning to bring the team to ontario lol
  3. they might not of liked him but they definetly wouldnt of disliked him as much as they do now , if the guy was making 2 milliion and gettin 20 goal season it wouldnt of bothered them as much
  4. selanne will retire and giggy might not be back....."might" ...........i dont think theyll be back in the final 4 , it means we'd face them again if they make it to the final 4 theres nothin else id want more then to beat the living crap out of that fluke team ,i couldnt watch tonights game , the thought of seeing those losers lifting the cup makes me wanna throw up so im just not paying attention to the sports channels ill just wait till the draft, july 1st for ufa's and then next season
  5. its cause he was making so much money for so long is the reason why islander fans would agree with you
  6. you can say the same thing about pyatt but he still got 1.5 per
  7. im not a fan of antropov ......call me crazy but a 20-25 goal scorer should get more then 1 million .......
  8. LOL ......again ........what would you give him as a salary ?? be realistic now
  9. whatever dude he could of had a 25 goal season , wtf do you wanna give guys who get 25 goals ?? 1 million ??? you have to be realstic , your niave if you think no team would of taken a shot on antropov and given him a 2 million per year deal
  10. Hes a leader , 30+ goal scorer , gritty is a playoff guy. ------------you just described holmstrom lol i wouldnt mind having smyth if there was no cap but we cant have him now because of the cap ,zetterberg in 2 yrs will get a raise ........franzen cleary filppula lebda .......all those guys will eventually require a raise and if listrom is playing and still making 5+ a season that will be impossible if we have him with smyth zetterberg and datsyuk ......so smyth is not an option
  11. everyones been trashing yashin so badly cause he plays when he wants to , and he sucks and whatever else ...........i agree .......BUT ...............i think the main reason why everyones attacking him is cause of the ridiculous amount of money hes getting , thats not the guys fault thats the stupid islanders staff .....if anyone gave us 87 million for 10 yrs we'd take it in a heartbeat .........with that said the guy did have 18 goals and 50 points in 58 games , if he was making say 2 million a season then im sure nobody would be trashing the guy like we are now , its not amazing numbers especially for a guy making the money he was but they are reasonable numbers for someone making less money i know ill get trashed but id "might" consider taking the guy on our team for a "one" year deal at maybe 1.5- 2 mill ......yashin datsyuk grigorenko??? the new russian line ? lol he does seem to play better when hes in russia ........anyways i think hes getting trashed way too much
  12. im not saying hes a great player but he did get 18 goals in 54 games , he could of had a 25-30 goal season , thats gotta be worth at least 2 million , if not the leafs to another team ........how much do you guys want the guy to get ????...........again im not saying hes amazing but i think 2 million for a 25-30 goal scorer is reasonable
  13. yes lol
  14. your saying itll cost the team 8.8 in total cap space for the next 4 years , but there gonna be hit with this for the next 8 yrs at 2.2 mill against the cap , not 4......so there gonna be screwed for a long long time lmfao thats if there even still in new york by that time , they way there taking care of that team it wont last much longer lmao
  15. what are you talking about saving 20 million in the next 4 years ????? they basically save like 9 million from buying him out and then they gotta take a cap hit of 2.2 per season for the next 8 years ...........LOL