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  1. I think the debate ended here
  2. Top 1 in intangibles brah
  3. He's not in either category. He's in the Toews category. Thats at the top.
  4. I don't think he's an NHL player. There I said it.
  5. If we're tanking lets tank hard and go for broke next year too. Keep Blash on for one more year. Put Sheahan on the first line. Touch the corn-baller.
  6. But how are his intangibles?
  7. When you're the absolute best you're the absolute best
  8. I wish I could have experienced this moment and all the speculation leading up to it live. What an event. I didn't realize ET was involved in our victory.
  9. Honestly AA is the only on of that group I particularly care about. Tatar would be nice to hold onto as well but if we're blowing up the team for a complete rebuild I wouldn't be distraught if he were traded.
  10. Is today the trade deadline?
  11. Regardless of whether you want to trade Mrazek or Howard, I think it's a good idea to acquire a legitimate backup for next season (unless the organization is still in tank mode). I don't trust Coreau enough to potentially shoulder half the season, and I don't trust Mrazek to be consistent for the majority of the season, and I don't trust Howard to be healthy for the majority of the season.
  12. Hes so hot right now
  13. I'll add that Blashill hasn't yet been fired to list of supporting evidence.
  14. What about from playoffs to dead last in the conference? Honestly curious, I haven't looked.
  15. If Blashill is still here at the start of next season I would consider that irrefutable evidence that he and Holland are actively tanking. Otherwise he needs to lose his job.