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  1. A classic. I also like the 'Stevie Wonder could have made that call' sign.
  2. lol nope i forgot
  3. yep! staying in the detroit area, which me and my girl are happy about! One of my friends from school also matched into my program, too, so its nice to know a familiar face going in. Also I prescribe cocaine to all my patients who are expecting to get beat. also: nothing to see here brahs
  4. not to mention all the coke would numb any punches he might eat
  5. hey less commenting more liking my post
  6. you're such a like ***** i hope my post outlikes yours
  7. I've always liked the guy too. He made some silly mistakes sometimes, but he was incredibly underrated at getting the puck from the opponent and distributing it to our boys. Sometimes its was pretty incredible what he did under pressure, to be honest.
  8. II cant even recall that many actual scoring chances hes had this year. I'm sure some of it is confidence, but hes really lost that basic 'attack the net' mentality that I always assumed was a prerequisite for being a part of an active NHL roster. But Blash makes fools of us all.
  9. No one is above Toews and he is at the top. Therefore OP is clearly not "over the top"
  10. Isn't this how the last game against Boston started?
  11. apparently you're getting your wish
  12. when did Mantha stop playing on a line with Zetterberg
  13. Again, I never suggested that it was. But there absolutely are limitations to how they can be used. You wouldn't say someone with a high corsi for is a good goal scorer if he only has 2 goals on the season. And you wouldn't say someone that is terrible with giveaways/takeaways, but takes a lot of low percentage shots from the perimeter whenever they get the puck (thus inflating their corsi) is a solid possession driver for their team (in fact I would argue that taking s***ty shots with virtually no chance of going in is essentially a turnover, thus worsening the possession of the team, yet corsi would say the opposite). There is a context that needs to be realized with all statistics, and therein lies the limitations of their use.
  14. The only reason why watching someone play is still valued for evaluating a player's performance is because we haven't come up with an entirely fool-proof of quantifying someone's on-ice worth just yet. Unfortunately human observation is riddled with bias, and I suspect a lot of the people who actually vote on things like this have seen only a handful of games of each candidate, and rely more heavily on statistical evidence anyway.
  15. I don't think you understand my post, based on what you just said. I agree that advanced stats are quantitative. I never suggested otherwise.