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  1. miller but if i had a choice I'd call up Callahan
  2. I thought the Wings looked much better in the first.
  3. I think it was the Gilmore Gods smiling down upon us. Florida was a bit too fast on the play, and nothing can be faster than the dialogues between Rory and Lorelai
  4. Are you watching season number 9
  5. lol "Hudler out with an illness they can't identify" Have they considered syphilis?
  6. Get this guy a crystal ball badge
  7. OH so those mic pins are DS for Dave Strader
  8. Sorry only wrestle with tigers I'll accept a pin with Hobbes face on it as my reward
  9. Puckloo wants that 02 badge also!
  10. What do i have to do to get a custom "poster extraordinaire" badge
  11. wheres my 2008 badge bro
  12. I think Miller's time has come also, but in a different context.
  13. yeah mantha is staying up
  14. Jurco not looking bad
  15. It makes perfect sense if you're about giving your team the best chance to win and make the playoffs, and that's exactly what Blashill is getting paid to do. Mrazek would have Blashill's faith in net if he played better. He hasn't. Thus he deserves nobody's faith.