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  1. Well fine I'll be the only one to predict a Preds championship
  3. I wouldn't say that. Like everything it all depends on what doc you end up with, whether you're in an urgent care clinic, a pcp office, or a hospital.
  4. Bertuzzi comes to play in the big games.
  5. I stubbed my toe today THANKS HOLLAND
  6. Seems like anything Nill and/or Yzerman ever do is praised wildly here. Didn't Nill's team miss the playoffs just as badly as the Wings did this year? I don't understand all the LGW blowjobs they get for the stellar work they have done.
  7. I would agree with this. Obviously an NHL job is not a 100% exclusive thing, but its definitely a good ol boy network where former players get preferential treatment when considerations are made for office roles, regardless of their prior non-NHL experience, which was my original point.
  8. I'm not suggesting I or anyone on the forums personally knows more about these positions than the people currently in them, but I do think there are way more people that are accepted into said positions based more on the fact they played in the NHL than any other merit. Yzerman wanted to be a GM. They immediately made him special assistant to the GM to learn directly from Ken Holland. I wonder if the same offer would have been handed to a guy with years of managerial or actuarial experience who expressed the same interest. Osgood wanted to be a tv analyst and was immediately given the job. I wonder if the same opportunity would be given to the intern who's been studying the field all through college and invested years of time and money and effort to being the best he can be at it.
  9. I think those numbers are pretty conservative. Ken Holland played in the NHL, Kris Draper, Chris Chelios, Kirk Maltby, Jiri Fischer all supposedly have front office or coaching positions in some capacity. Osgood, Mickey Redmond, Darren Eliot all have NHL experience and are now in front of a camera. And there's people like Jim Nill, Yzerman, Larry Murphy etc that the Wings had but they moved on. Even if you want to say 33% is an accurate number, that's still a huge amount to mine from a single and quite exclusive source for non-hockey-playing careers, particularly when several of those people likely aren't the best option for the job at hand given their paucity of experience in other fields that are now suddenly more relevant to what they're doing. My point, of course, is that those numbers are quite disproportionate, and almost certainly at the expense of the quality of work being put out. Which, by definition, is a club-like system.
  10. I disagree that it's necessarily a prerequisite. I know many people who have no great interest in what they do, and are stellar at their jobs. Conversely, I know a lot of people with a ton of passion for their job who aren't very good at all. Hell, Chris Osgood has the personality of a potato and is terrible on camera, yet astonishingly he's still employed. Anyone who wasn't in "the club" with that lack of camera presence wouldn't have even made it past the interview stage, let alone maintained their employment for this many years. In terms of a job like a general manager, I personally think someone without a great deal of passion for hockey itself but with an established actuarial career and a solid understanding of statistical analysis and mathematically predicting likelihood of outcomes would make an excellent candidate for the job. And if he's passionate about data analysis and making deals with others, even better. The passion for hockey/direct hockey experience I have personal doubts really matters all that much. In fact it may even introduce bias that may lead to poor decision making. Yet in today's NHL there are so many GMs with a high pedigree in terms of actually playing hockey on the big stage. Not sure how much prior experience they collectively had in managing salaries, objectively evaluating talent and efficiency of talent vs cost, deal-making, communication skills etc. Sure seems like a club to me.
  11. Passion =/= competency.
  12. honestly I think the whole NHL club is made to be way more elite than it actually is. I don't think playing hockey professionally necessarily makes you a better GM or owner or coach etc. Yet so many former NHL players end up in front office positions. Its a club.
  13. Washington is my desired team to win the Cup this year. Ovechkin needs to have his name on that thing.
  14. absolutely. But other than Kane, nobody else on that team is making remotely what Toews is. The missed assignments, giveaways, etc are much harder to swallow from the 10.5M guy than the 2.5M guy
  15. Yeah his stellar leadership and defensive skills were on full display in this series /sarcasm