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  1. 1/16 GDT - Stars @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    I saw my windows light up and I was like 'huh lightning?' but it was much longer. And then like 2 minutes later a large ass boom rocked the neighborhood
  2. 1/16 GDT - Stars @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    who else just got rocked by a meteor
  3. 12/29 GDT - Rangers @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    Yup, and I know of several lazy, not too bright people who will are now doctors because daddy worked with the right people and made a hefty donation into the right pocket. Its incredibly frustrating to see.
  4. 12/29 GDT - Rangers @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    Unfortunately we are just about at that point where if you don't have mommy and daddy helping to pay for your tuition and books it isn't financially worth it to become a doctor. As someone coming from a lower socioeconomic family its particularly frustrating to see this trend.
  5. 12/29 GDT - Rangers @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    i'm crying into my raman at the truth right now
  6. 12/29 GDT - Rangers @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    I wanted to take my dad to a hockey game for a Christmas gift and let him check out the new arena. Ticket prices are outrageous, though. I couldn't find anything cheaper than like 120/seat and that was upper bowl in the corners. I cant justify spending that on what is likely to be a s***ty on ice product, especially that far from the ice. I'm taking my dad out for dinner instead. Maybe Dave and Busters. Definitely more likely to get my money's worth.
  7. 12/13 GDT - Bruins @ Red Wings - 8:00 PM EST (NBCSN)

    Detroit was nailed by a snowstorm yesterday leading up to and throughout the game so thats going to affect the turnout rate. They've also had issues throughout the season with people going to hang out mid game at the beergarden or watch the game at one of the adjacent bars/restaurants along the concourse, even though they have a ticket to the game itself. Also, the Wings suck.
  8. Has Blashill finally lost the team?

    I hated losing Babcock but was willing to give him a shot, considering we didn't have much alternative as fans. He completely lost my faith in him as an NHL head coach a long time ago. I wanted him fired in 2016.
  9. For those that want Blash G-O-N-E

    he should have been gone last December
  10. The Numbers Game

    There’s only one number 3, and his name is Bob Rouse
  11. The Numbers Game

    #3 Bob Rouse
  12. Mlive ranks Wings Coaches ...where does Blash rank?

    why not Popo
  13. Mlive ranks Wings Coaches ...where does Blash rank?

    Babcock should be rated higher than Bowman
  14. Frk vs Pulkkinen

    you're just saying that because im white
  15. Frk vs Pulkkinen

    At least so far Frk seems like he knows how to play hockey. Like he gets involved on the forecheck, he know how to pass, he tries fetching loose pucks. And yeah that shot. Pulkkinen literally was his canon and nothing else. I mentioned several times that he would need to add something else to his game to warrant keeping him on the Red Wings because if he isn’t scoring he is doing absolutely nothing, as when you don’t have any other threat to the opposing team, they only need to focus on getting a stick or body in the shooting lane and you’re done. So far Frk has been able to avoid that.
  16. Hockey Fights 2017/18

    Is that over the entire life of the franchises?
  17. Rate our current forward group

    We have good supporting cast, and I think when you look at the Wings' complementary players we can stack up well against other teams, but it's the fact we don't have a Stamkos or Crosby that makes our forward group as a whole inferior to many other squads.
  18. Wings Sign G Kaden Fulcher

    What a fulcher
  19. Revisiting the 2011 Entry Draft

    Prologue: There has been a lot of ongoing discussion in the 2016 entry draft thread regarding the decisions that Holland and co made or did not make. Some folks think his moves were solid moves and will pay off in the future. Others think that he messed up and he should have did X, Y, and Z. The thing about decisions at the draft is none of us will definitively know the outcome of these decisions until well in the future when we can see see which prospects were home runs, which were busts, and which needed some seasoning but turned into solid acquisitions. I don't know what the accepted timeline is to determine that, but I think by five years we will have a good idea of what kind of player we have. We obviously can't fast forward five years to see how things turn out, but we can rewind five years and revisit what the discussions were regarding the 2011 entry draft. I think this might be a fun thing to do annually, especially because there isn't a whole lot of other exciting things to talk about in the offseason on a hockey forum. That means all your goofy and ridiculous comments are fair game to be quoted five years from now! Anyway here are the threads for the 2011 entry draft: 1st round pick (24th overall): Traded to Ottawa for 35th and 48th picks 2nd through 7th round picks: -2nd round pick (35th overall): Tomas Jurco -2nd round pick (48th overall): Xavier Ouellet -2nd round pick (55th overall): Ryan Sproul -3rd round pick (85th overall): Alan Quine -4th round pick (115th overall): Marek Tvrdon -5th round pick (145th overall): Philippe Hudon -6th round pick (175th overall): Richard Nedomiel -7th round pick (205th overall): Alexei Marchenko Some interesting observations: One poster wanted the Wings to pick Jaime Oleksiak with our first round pick, and projected him as a top 3 NHL defensman (currently part of the Dallas Stars organization but has endlessly bounced back and forth between the AHL and the NHL). He was picked 14th overall, well before our 24th pick, anyway. There was lots of love for Jurco leading up to our pick (even in the first round). Opinions were mixed regarding the Wings trading down. Some folks thought it was smart, some folks thought we were better off using our first round pick on a player. It caused a bit of a stir. Today that first round pick is Tomas Jurco and Xavier Ouellete. There was also lots of love for Joe Morrow, who ended up going to the Pens, who picked 23rd. Hes currently a part of the Bruins organization, and has played 48 games total in the NHL, including 33 last season. Everyone seemed to love the second round. People were high on Jurco, Ouellete, and Sproul. There was some hope for Saad to be drafted as well. Some folks believed that Tvrdon and Quine were the steals of the draft. Something I found particularly entertaining regarding that last bit: well here we are. The knuckle-draggers loved the Nedomiel pick. He had a knack for being a tough stay and home defender, apparently, with lots of fights under his belt. Folks didn't seem to know how to take the Marchenko pick. Some thought it was a solid pick up considering he was highly ranked in the previous year's draft, but others thought that was a bad sign that he wasn't drafted and taken in the last round by us the following year. There was also some question on whether he would even be interested in coming to the NHL, also. Anyway, enjoy thumbing through those threads!
  20. Pre-Season Games

    That puck that was shot out of play was into my row. I lost it to a 10 year old
  21. Pre-Season Games

    At the arena now. Really busy here. This place is great
  22. Pre-Season Games

    larkin with the A
  23. Pre-Season Games

    check reddit
  24. Will Tyler Bertuzzi Make the Team Out of Camp?

    We tried that argument with Kronwall as a top pairing defensman a few years ago. Unfortunately a handful of people on LGW only think there are eight to ten number 1 defensman in the league. I'm willing to bet there's also a handful of people who think there are only 10-15 top line centers and another 10-15 2nd line centers and everyone else is garbage.