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Found 3 results

  1. D Justin Schultz signs with Oilers Schultz signed with Edmonton
  2. Ted Kulfan ‏@tkulfan Red Wings officially out of of the D Justin Schultz sweepstakes Expand Reply Retweet Favorite http://redwingsfront..._medium=twitter
  3. Blue chip, top-4 offensive defenseman prospect expected to hit free agency this July. Anaheim has exlcusive rights initially for 30 days but it looks like he is expected to hit free agency. TSN's Bob McKenzie expects him to be the top UFA behind Parise and Suter this offseason. Even though we have a good offensive defenseman in Smith, a top level prospect would be good for our prospect pool. Any one have thoughts? NBC Sports PHT article Edit: just saw the topic in the prospects section, but might as well keep this here since not many people frequent that section of the forum.