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Found 5 results

  1. Wingsfan72

    Interesting read on Holland

    Found this on today, thought it was really cool. Thought I'd share.|DET|home
  2. I think even the outside world is starting to question whether we've lost our mystique. I am leaning on yes, there will be some difficult years ahead. I think with this present roster, we'll be fighting just to make 7 or 8th spot. Detroit Red Wings GM Ken Holland is considered the best at what he does, which is maintaining a consistent contender in the Western Conference with legitimate designs on winning a Stanley Cup each season. Along with Coach Mike Babcock, Detroit's recognized as having the "gold standard" for management. Yet the Red Wings' offseason has seen better talent depart than has been added the roster. Nicklas Lidstrom retired. Brad Stuart left for the San Jose Sharks. Jiri Hudler signed a 4-year deal with the Calgary Flames. Meanwhile, the Red Wings inked Maple Leafs backup goalie Jonas Gustavsson, Nashville pot-stirrer Jordin Tootoo and Mikael Samuelsson, for a second tour of duty after playing with Florida last season. The real frustration for the Red Wings: They have $13 million in cap space, and were unable to land a premium upgrade to the defense. Ryan Suter of the Predators flirted with Detroit, who courted him heavily, only to sign with conference rival Minnesota. Nashville captain Shea Weber, meanwhile, spoke with Detroit but Holland was never given the option to sign him to an offer sheet, as he did with the Philadelphia Flyers. The Predators didn't engage in trade talks with Detroit, seeking to move Weber to the Eastern Conference. In some ways, it's inconceivable a team like the Red Wings would be on the outside looking in on these free-agent blockbusters. Which is why Holland is being criticized for Detroit's lack of reloading this summer, as the power shifts in the Western Conference. Matt from Ultimate Hockey Source on Holland "losing his moxie" as GM: Despite the Red Wings signings of Jordin Tootoo, Jonas Gustavsson, and Mikael Samuelsson, Holland has once again disappointed fans with the lack of a big move. In years past, it was Holland stealing great players and assembling the perfect teams, but this has failed to happen recently. His last ditch effort of making a move for restricted free agent Shea Weber has even been stomped on by the Flyers. Even if the Wings manage to sign Shane Doan, or perhaps trade for Bobby Ryan, their defensive unit as it is will not be enough to carry them to the Stanley Cup next year. If Holland can't regain his moxie and make a high impact trade and the Wings fail to make the playoffs, you can bet that people will begin to call for a replacement. George Malik offers this dose of reality on the Wins perusing Alex Semin and Doan: I hate to use the line because it even annoys me at this point, but as the Wings continue to aggressively pursue every option to improve their team, they've still got to sell their "program" to players instead of tossing $6 or $7 million at a player simply because someone else is bidding for said player. It makes me cringe to say that, mind you, but it's the truth. Because of that spend-thrift ideal, Chuck Pleiness of the Advisor & Source (MI) wondered last week if the Wings had "lost their luster" as a destination for free agents: "Once you make those types of decisions you're out of the game for a decade," Holland said. "We're not going to have major announcements every year, the league doesn't work like that. I'm confident that at some point in time, and it might be next year, that the history, the tradition, the commitment of our ownership and the passion of the Red Wing fans is going to all add up to us bringing a player of significance here." … "We're going to try and do some things," Holland said. "We have some cap space so we'll see. But it has to be the right fit whether it's a trade or someone wants to come here. We're working the phones so we'll see. "At the same time we're in a cap world," Holland continued. "We're moving some younger people in. If we're not moving younger people in we're going backwards. Brendan Smith has to play. Gustav Nyquist has to have an opportunity. Jimmy Howard is 27. We signed Jonas Gustavsson and he's 28. Darren Helm is 25. Those players have to be a part of where we're going." Seeing where Doan and Semin end up is essential to determining whether Holland's in a rut or simply hasn't landed his big fish yet. He's been hindered by some forced beyond his control: Ryan Suterwanted to play with Zach Parise in Minnesota; Nashville wouldn't let Weber slip to a division rival; and the same could be the case for Rick Nash and the Columbus Blue Jackets. But perhaps the greatest question: What does he do to fill the holes on the blue line? Keith Yandle, if available, would be a great start.
  3. Guest

    Ken Holland, Post-Scotty Bowman

    Let's take a look at the resume' of one Ken Holland from July 2008 to now. July 2008 is when Scotty Bowman left our then great organization to work alongside his son in the Blackhawks front-office (I'm not sure of the exact date, so I'll just include all the things that happened that month on Holland's post-Bowman resume'). There are those here who believe that Bowman's role in our organization as an advisor was not a large one, but I am certainly not one of those fans. I think that Holland having Bowman to go to for advice made a very significant difference in a lot of things around here; and I think that we should all at least take a look at Ken Holland's post-Bowman resume'. Significant Draft Picks (that have played in at least one NHL game...the 2008 draft was in June): -2009: Tomas Tatar (9 career games, 1 goal, 1 point) -2010: Riley Sheahan (1 career game, 4 penalty minutes) -2011: -2012: ...10 games, 1 point and 4 penalty minutes out of our last three drafts (and 0 playoff games). That's not good. I know it takes time to develop young players in general. I know that we draft especially young players. I know that we like to take an especially long time to develop them. And I know that we've got some other potentially promising prospects in the system that we've drafted since then - Cale Jarnrkrok(2010), Teemu Pulkkinen(2010), Petr Mrazek(2010) and Tomas Jurco(2011). But still, it's not good. There are other NHL teams that have drafted significant contributors late since 2009. And how much are we really expecting of the aforementioned prospects anyways? I won't hold this against Ken Holland for the reasons stated above, but his post-Bowman drafting has certainly not yet shown itself to be a positive. That much is fair. Significant Free Agent Signings: -2008/2009: M. Hossa, T. Conklin -2009/2010: T. Bertuzzi, D. Miller, P. Eaves, J. Williams. -2010/2011: R. Salei, M. Modano -2011/2012: I. White -2012/2013: D. Brunner, M. Samuelsson, J. Tootoo, J. Gustavsson ...Man, underwhelming, isn't it? The Hossa signing was a great one for sure. But it was him and his agent that sought us out, not the other way around. The Ian White signing I thought was great, but not an enormous impact-signing. The Bertuzzi signing was okay I guess. Salei was a solid signing, for the price, as a sixth D. Miller is a solid depth guy. Eaves would be, albeit an overpaid one, if he was healthy. Conklin was okay as a backup. Williams and Modano didn't pan out. The one's this off-season we'll have to wait and see on. But man, honestly, in the last five seasons White is really the only significant addition that we've made to the team through FA. Certainly a negative for Holland here thus far. Significant Trades: -2008/2009: -2009/2010: -2010/2011: V. Leino for O. Tollefsen -2011/2012: 1st round pick for K. Quincey -2012/2013: ...The Leino trade was obviously a horrific one. IMO, the Quincey one was a waste of a pick as well (he's not very..good). Certainly another negative for Holland here thus far. Results: -2008/2009: Stanley Cup Finals Losers. -2009/2010: Second round exit. -2010/2011: Second round exit. -2011/2012: First round exit. -2012/2013: ...Seems we're just getting worse and worse, losing more and adding less, with each passing season since Bowman left. Cooincidence? I think not. ***** Here's a new way to evaluate Holland's performance here since Bowman left: How has he replaced what we've lost from the 2008 Stanley Cup Championship team he inherited? It might not be an all-inclusive method of evaluation, but it's certainly an angle that's at least worth looking at. *Keep in mind that we're talking about the player we had IN 2008...and then what we have now. Forwards: J. Hudler----------D. Brunner. I'll have to see it to believe it, but from what we've been told, Brunner now shouldn't be much of a drop-off from Hudler of 08. T. Holmstrom----------G. Nyquist. Very, very different players, but I really, really like Nyquist, so I'll dare to again say "not much of a drop-off." K. Draper----------J. Abdelkader. Abby might never be what Draper was, but isn't much worse now than Draper was in 08...aside from faceoffs. Not much of a drop-off. D. Drake----------T. Bertuzzi. Again, very different players. Drake did some things Bert doesn't. Bert does some things Drake didn't. Not much of a drop-off. D. McCarty----------J. Tootoo. Tootoo's not the intimidator McCarty was, even in 08. McCarty wasn't the skater that Tootoo is. Not much of a drop-off. K. Maltby----------D. Miller. See the Draper/Abdelkader comparision. Not much of a drop-off. M. Hartigan----------P. Eaves. Probably the one instance amongst the forwards of actual improvement. Too bad it's the 14th forward. Defensemen: N. Lidstrom----------J. Ericsson. I won't even dignify this by attempting to compare. B. Rafalski----------I. White. Not even close. B. Stuart----------K. Quincey. Not really close. A. Lilja----------B. Smith. Perhaps an improvement? B. Lebda----------J. Kindl. How in the world do you not improve over Lebda in 4 seasons? C. Chelios----------??? Goalies: C. Osgood----------J. Howard. Not quite there yet. But not that far off either. D. Hasek----------J. Gustavsson. Backup goalies don't matter enough to get into this one. In general: 1) The forward group remains more or less the same, though older. I'd say that age has had more of a negative impact than development has had a positive impact. 2) The defensive group has been completely wiped out and not even close to replaced in most cases. 3) The goalies are more or less the same. So, there you have it. That's what Ken Holland's done. Hasn't improved anything since he's been here. Has let us get A LOT worse on the back end. That's it. All there is to it. Bottom line. Period.
  4. Calling Ken Holland... Please forgive the fans who bet the bank on Parise and Suter coming to Detroit and have thus turned into pessimistic pansies(aka Cindy Crosby types) now that they have decided to sign with the almighty Minnesota Wild! It's mind boggling the lack of faith I have seen throughout Yahoo, ESPN and LGW boards in Hockeytown's most successful GM. And arguably one of pro sports best GM's of all time. If there was a class and Ken Holland was the teacher, you can bet your bottom dollar I'd be sitting in the front row. I don't care if it's about how to properly roast marshmallows..the guy will show you how to make one damn good s'more! And say what you want about my inundated loyalty toward Kenny H but one thing is clear...the man knows hockey, he lives, sleeps and breathes it and he's done a damn good job of making this team competitive for the last two decades. That being said, it's only a matter of time before he uses the big bucks from Mr. I to light up your eyes and realize this team will STILL be a contender. We all know the names still out there...Doan, Semin, and uhhh(crickets) yeah that's pretty much it. There is no top tier defenseman. There is no Brett Hull or Luc Robitaille and the best method of action at this point is, TRADE! So I'm not going to act like I know all the salary cap lingo and what contracts match up to make these deals possible. I'll leave that up to Ken Dawg. But the rumors are everywhere. Rick Nash wants to be traded, wings show interest...Ducks will listen to offers for Ryan....Larry Murphy and Chelios say they'll suit up if the Wings need a 5th or 6th D-man etc. okay that's just ridiculous but you get the point. Don't you? The best way to send some shock waves through the hockey nation and get the winged wheel in position for some future cup runs is by trade. And Ken to the H-town down, is going to make something happen! Get the player who IMO is an even better choice to fill the void left by the great #5. Keith "no scandle" Yandle and go get Bobby "two first name" Ryan! Send some young guys, Smith, Emmerton, a couple first rounders, cash considerations, Franzen, Filppula whatever you have to do to get them in the motor city. What you'll have is a 25 year old Ryan and a 25 year old Yandle set for the next decade. You still have Dats and Z and with a little money left over you could even sign Doan. We all know it's time to shake it up and if you can score these two then hopefully the Parise and Suter lovers will take comfort in "as close you'll get". Because that would be the next best thing to Zach and Ryan if not better in the long run. Take it or leave it.
  5. meet with Parise in Toronto, according to Ansar Khan "Owner Mike Ilitch and team advisor Chris Chelios were scheduled to fly to Madison, Wis., to meet with Suter at his farm, and Holland is expected to be in Toronto to meet with Parise and his agents, according to a source." Nice!