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Found 2 results

  1. There'll be a random draw tomorrow for 2013 Winter Classic tickets among everyone who signed up. Per Mirtle tweet from globe and mail... Okay WHAT?!? Where is the warning, what is going on? Did I miss my incredibly small chance?
  2. kkenn79

    Alumni Showdown Tickets

    ​I received a call today from the Wings about the information I requested revolving around the Winter Classic. I was blown away, as I was informed that only season ticket holders will be offered the opportunity to purchase tickets for the Alumni Showdown, which turned the call into a sales pitch for at least a 20 game season ticket package! So, in essence, I would be paying far more money just to watch the alumni play as older, slower men, in a meaningless game, than I did when they were in their prime, playing real games that meant something! Are you kidding me?! Look, I am a huge fan, and I would love season tickets, but I go to work everyday and bust my tail just to afford the gas to continue to get to work, and put a bit of food in the fridge. I am lucky to get to one game a season on what I make. I don't do awful, but I am far from justifying making it to the Joe often. It is also sickening to think that Comerica Park holds about 24k more people than JLA, and they only are offering the tickets to season ticket holders. This must mean sponsors and Leafs fans are getting the other half? I can see an allotment offered to them both on a smaller scale, and leave the rest for a lottery among the rest of us Wings fans who want to go witness this game and relive the past for a few hours. This is what I had read they were doing with all of the tickets for these games, but I guess not. Another gross number...$20k for a group rate for ice time at Comerica!! They will get it too, every day that it is open for skating between Dec 15th-31st. Unbelievable stuff. I guess I will just go see the Whalers and the Griffins play their games there for $18 a pop.