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Found 2 results

  1. Good Deeds - Pavel Datsyuk

    Great short story. Thanks to Dmitry Chesnokov.
  2. Blake Wheeler?

    Age 25 Height: 6'5" Weight 205 lbs Position Right-wing I've been following him for awhile. Went fifth overall in the '04 draft ('yotes). He had a pretty rough go of it in his first several years on The Big Stage (though technically they weren't full seasons). He could've easily fallen off the face of the earth like so many in that spot do. What I like is that he didn't. He owned up to his shortcomings (e.g. serious lack of confidence, not nearly physical enough, questionable hockey IQ) and committed himself to improving upon them. It's paid off for him: he was good for 64 points (17 goals, 47 assists) last season, in 80 games played. (Of course, it helps that he flanks Evander Kane on the Jets' top line.) They love him in Winnipeg. I'd love him on the Wings. What would it take to land him, and would it be worth it? If we could add Semin and Wheeler and lose, by way of trade, just one of Flip and Franzen (or could Wheeler be had without losing either of the two?), I'd be very happy with our top-6.