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Found 6 results

  1. Dabura

    Blake Wheeler?

    Age 25 Height: 6'5" Weight 205 lbs Position Right-wing I've been following him for awhile. Went fifth overall in the '04 draft ('yotes). He had a pretty rough go of it in his first several years on The Big Stage (though technically they weren't full seasons). He could've easily fallen off the face of the earth like so many in that spot do. What I like is that he didn't. He owned up to his shortcomings (e.g. serious lack of confidence, not nearly physical enough, questionable hockey IQ) and committed himself to improving upon them. It's paid off for him: he was good for 64 points (17 goals, 47 assists) last season, in 80 games played. (Of course, it helps that he flanks Evander Kane on the Jets' top line.) They love him in Winnipeg. I'd love him on the Wings. What would it take to land him, and would it be worth it? If we could add Semin and Wheeler and lose, by way of trade, just one of Flip and Franzen (or could Wheeler be had without losing either of the two?), I'd be very happy with our top-6.
  2. LeftWinger

    Shane Doan to test free agency I guess he may not be so dedicated to the desert...Doan to Detroit? If no Parise, Doan would be a great option!
  3. dirtydangles

    Peter Mueller 24 yrs old From Michigan 6 2" RH shot Plays right wing or centre Former No. 8 overall Avalanche have not qualified him and he will become a UFA. Injury issues the last few years. Would you guys consider this guy to be a perfect fit for what we need? I would LOVE this guy at 3rd line centre and move helm down to the 4th. This would provide 3 scoring lines. OR he could be a backup if we don't land Parise or Semin (we might not want him). Thoughts?
  4. Blue chip, top-4 offensive defenseman prospect expected to hit free agency this July. Anaheim has exlcusive rights initially for 30 days but it looks like he is expected to hit free agency. TSN's Bob McKenzie expects him to be the top UFA behind Parise and Suter this offseason. Even though we have a good offensive defenseman in Smith, a top level prospect would be good for our prospect pool. Any one have thoughts? NBC Sports PHT article Edit: just saw the topic in the prospects section, but might as well keep this here since not many people frequent that section of the forum.
  5. dirtydangles

    High End Trade Options

    Now that Staal has rejected a 10 year deal from the Pens, things get interesting. Nash isn't the only high end player possibly on the trading block. Bobby Ryan's name has floated around too. It would be interesting to see how the individual value of the players pans out now that there are multiple options for teams to trade for. What do you think it would take for each of these guys (considering we trade for 1): Nash (6 seasons $7.8mill) Ryan (3 seasons $5.1mill) Staal (1 season $4mill) I'd say our top trading asset would be Filppula. Then others include Franzen, Abdelkader, Picks, Prospects. So if we miss out on Semin and Parise who would you prefer, and let's hear what your proposal would be?