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Barnesy gets a B+

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He really stepped up his game this year and proved the naysayers wrong. He played better than Red Wings favorites like Jiri Hudler and Tomas Kopecky. I hope the Wings sign this kid, he can be a depth player and step in when McCarty retires or leaves thumbup.gif

Jeez, the Griffins put Hudler on the point on the power play at their last home game and he couldn't keep the puck in the zone to save his life.

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Those grades are based on how well they performed...but they are a grade compared to how well they were EXPECTED to perform.

Which kinda makes Kronwall's A- a bit confusing...what did they expect, MVP?

Almost any time you see grades like this, they're outcome vs expected performance.

Back in 2001, I remember seeing grades on Detroit's defense for the first half in the newpaper.

It was something like this:

Steve Duchesne A-

Larry Murphy B+

Todd Gill B

Aaron Ward B-

Nicklas Lidstrom C+

Lidstrom won the Norris that season, and started the All-Star game (deservedly)

I would have a hard time believing that he was having such an average first half and suddenly out of nowhere has a massively awesome second half which doesn't affect his fellow blueliners.

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