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Which Gladiators logo do you like better?

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Which one do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which one do you prefer?

    • Detroit
    • Gwinnett

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Detroit's is more impossing with the arm coming up.

The Gwinnet one looks like a gladiator trying to squeeze through a small space.

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Think Detroit or the NHL could handle two teams from Detroit. The Gladiators were the only organization that had practically everything setup for the WHA. They had a rink, I think a GM, owners, and a head coach. All they didn't have was a team, hich could easily be taken care of by an expansion draft. I know most of us probably wouldn't like to see this but I think it could make for a great rivalry between two Detroit teams, if the Gladiators would become any good.

By the way, Detroit's logo is much better than Gwinnett's.

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