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NBA Draft 05

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26.    Det - * Jason Maxiell, PF: Detroit decides to take the toughest guy in the draft in Maxiell, the Cincinnati power forward. For a team that didn't need much and couldn't find a dependable outside shooter, Maxiell will at least add depth to what is already a strong front line. Maxiell plays very hard, is good defensively and under UC coach Bob Huggins played a pro-style defense (lot of rotations)

I think this was a good pick. This toughness is what we need. Next year knock Dwayne Wade on his ass a little bit and see if he still wants to come down the lane. Same with OBI WAN GINOBILI.

26.    Det - Amir Johnson, SF: The Pistons got a steal in Johnson, a 6-10 forward from Westchester High in L.A. whom they at least considered taking in the first round. Instead, Detroit picked the University of Louisville signee at 56th overall. Nice.

Well, this guy from yahoo apparently things this was a steal. Should be cool to see how this guy pans out.

Go Pistons!

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Well I'm still crybaby.gif over Game 7, but any good new about the Pistons is still good to hear.

They need to dump Arroyo for a better bench guy.

Will be awaiting any Larry Brown news anxiously this summer.....

Arroyo is going no where tongue.gif But about our last selection

Mr. Irrelevent Alex Acker!

6-5 SG 190 lbs out of Pepperdine.

Alex Acker begins his junior season at Pepperdine . . . Joins Tashaan Forehan-Kelly, Derick Grubb and Keith Jarbo as one of four juniors on the Waves' roster . . . Made an immediate impact in his first season of action in 2002-03 . . . Earned a starting position in the backcourt and was named the West Coast Conference's (WCC) "Freshman of the Year" . . . Continued to excel on the court as a sophomore, receiving honorable mention All-WCC recognition despite battling nagging injuries... . . . Athletically gifted player with tremendous ability to play multiple positions . . . Excellent perimeter shooter who is comfortable using quick first step to get to the basket . . . Has worked hard to improve ball-handling skills . . . Has developed into one of the best guards in the WCC and on the West Coast...Has the ability to fill up a stat sheet and is a threat to produce double-doubles and triple-doubles.

WESTPHAL ON ACKER: "Alex is one of the most gifted and versatile players in our conference . . . He has battled some nagging injuries and if he can stay healthy is poised to have a breakout year . . . He has worked very hard in conditioning and improving his game."

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Jason Maxiell:

Welcome to the first round, Mr. Maxiell. This pick is a bit of a shocker because few expected Maxiell to go so high. He's certainly a polished and feisty post player, but he just doesn't seem to have the height to play power forward--his only true position--as a starter in the NBA. The Pistons already have a player much like him in Darvin Ham, and he never sees the floor. Like other Cincy power forwards Maxiell has a lot of heart, skill, and an edge, but he's definitely a 'tweener.' He seemed destined for Round Two, but maybe Joe Dumars sees something more in him.

Amir Johnson:

Darko Milicic, meet Amir Johnson. Okay, okay...it's probably not quite that bad, but like Milicic, Johnson is a lanky, high-upside teenager who may or may not pan out. He is, however, an excellent choice for such a late slot. Johnson compares favorably to a young Jermaine O'Neal, and was overlooked by many scouts who drooled over high schoolers. In five years he could join Darko to give Motown a dominant post tandem. Or the two of them could end up as ticket punchers at the Palace. Whatever the case, it's a worthwhile risk in an era of few dominant big men.

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I see that the kid the Lakers drafted is the youngest in NBA history, and with the new age limit in the CBA it may well stay that way for a while. Third youngest all time is Kobe Bryant so he's in good company!

I liked this quote from him "I'm compared to Shaq now just because of the body type, but I can hit my free throws." laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif

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