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Lance Armstrong - Tour de France

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I know cycling is not really popular here in the states (though it has definitely become much more popular over the last 7 years), but I still have to comment on Armstrong's achievements.

Tomorrow Lance Armstrong will officially win his seventh consecutive Tour de France. He has dominated this race since his comeback from cancer in 1999.

To try to put this accomplishment in perspective.

In the 100+ years that the Tour de France has been in existence:

5 riders have won the Tour 5 times (including Lance)

2 riders have won 5 consecutive Tours (including Lance)

but Lance Armstrong is the only rider in the history of the Tour to have won 7 times, let alone 7 consecutive times.

It is a record that will stand for a very very long time.

For him to win the French race in this manner would be as if a French baseball team could compete in our World Series, and won it seven years in a row.

It's been killing a lot of French cycling fans to see their race dominated by an American this way, and even worse, a Texan! biggrin.gif

For more cycling info:



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ha ha. Dont mess with Texas.

Congrats to Lance. He still has to finish things off tomorrow but hopefully the last stage is just that. Sip a glass of champagne and enjoy your ride Lance. You are a hero to many

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