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News on Simpson, Gratton...

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Pens seek centerman, blueliner


After trading for, and signing, goaltender Jocelyn Thibault yesterday, the Penguins can now focus on their other needs.

According to various reports, the Pens are interested in signing a centerman and a defensive-minded blueliner.

The Penguins have been linked to the likes of centers Josef Stumpel and Chris Gratton, and defensemen Brad Bombardir, Todd Simpson and Curtis Leschyshyn.

Meanwhile, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the agent for center Yanic Perreault inquired if the Penguins held an interest, but hasn't heard back.


WAKE UP KENNY - enough with waiting games. Go and get us GRATTON AND SIMPSON!!!

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I say we sign who we need to, pay the *** ass luxury tax and forfeit our pick (we draft very well in round 2 anyway) or later in the season trade for a first rounder.

Enough of these shinanigans, lets sign our guys and play already.

We have 4 guys (our guys-including Williams) and 8-9 roster spots...

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