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Stupid 3 way trade

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TO DETROIT: Olaf Kolzig, Karel Pilar and a 1st RD PICK in 2006

TO TORONTO: Henrik Zetterberg and Brendan Witt

TO WASHINGTON: Manny Legace, Nik Antropov and Ken Klee

This is BS. Why would they trade Zetterberg and Legace for Kolzig and Pilar they don't need anymore D's and Osgood his just has good a goaltender then Olaf his maybe even better. thumbdown.gif

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Really don't see how that help things fos us...Manny at this point is better than Kolzig and about 4 million dollars cheaper.Then we have to sign Pillar.Getting Kolzig and dropping Manny puts us at about $35,090,000.Then we have to sign Datsyuk and Pillar with about $3,910,000 left.Yeah...makes sense....

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Guest Rory_Gilmore

It's garbage.

Everything else aside, if you did this you'd certainly have to go with Kolzig as your number 1 and Ozzie would be relegated to very few starts.

The Wings decided to go with Ozzie and Manny on the cheap and it may pay off, because I think they'll both be very solid.

Signing Osgood was Holland saying "we're not going to go into the season with a high priced goalie."

Why would that change now?

Toronto is pathetic in how many rumors come from their papers, fans, and radio.

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Washington trading their 1st pick in 2006? WASHINGTON?! A team that will place a high spot in the draft, most likely 1st. If this deal does happen, I wouldn't care mainly because of that. I wouldn't mind getting the first overall pick in 2006. I'd just rather it not happen for safety purposes.

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If you swapped Zetterberg for Shanahan, Pilar for McCabe, and Kolzig for Fehr, I would do it instantly even if you drop the pick.

Toronto is getting Shanahan and Witt for McCabe, Antropov, and Klee...so they basically dealt Antropov/McCabe for Shanahan...not as great a deal.

Probably would have to add in some sort of pick or another player from Detroit to Toronto. A 2nd/3rd in 2k6 or Rivers/Delmore may do it.

Getting a return of McCabe/Fehr for Shanahan/Legace/Delmore? I'd do that instantly.

Washington is still getting Antropov/Legace/Klee for Witt/Fehr, which is a pretty solid deal for them. It's basically Antropov and Legace for Fehr, because Klee/Witt is straight even.

That makes it fair all-around. If Antropov can stay healthy and develop chemistry with Ovenchicken and Semin/Fleischmann..that line could be scary right off the bat.

As forthe Wings' salary implications? The Wings' cap number is currently 32m even, assuming they are aiming for 13/7/2. All players included in the deal are on that roster (Delmore is the 7th D as Rivers is listed as a forward.)

Wings drop 3.892 in salary with the deal, and pick up McCabe's 3.458 salary, lowering their total salary to 31.566, as well as creating openings at forward and goaltender. Macdonald eats up 450k, raising the payroll to 32.016 with 19 players signed including 7D, 2G, and 10F. This would likely leave no room to sign a spare forward after Dats and Zatta...so drop Lilja to GR and make Rivers 13th F/7th D and add a low priced player, potentially saving 200k on the 10/7/2 set.

Final effect?

Payroll drops nearly 200k, defense improves greatly--McCabe for Lilja in terms of top six--and Shanahan's offense would likely be covered by committee (more ice at ES and PP for Homer, Drapes, etc.)

If we could sign Fehr at the minimum-or even the max rookie contract (would cut a couple hundred K into the Dats/Zett budget, but stick him with Dats and Zett and it would be WORTH it) and he might produce as much or more than Shanahan ends up doing.

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