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Sega Ages: Dragon Force

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Posted 07 October 2005 - 01:01 AM

Does anybody remember this game? It was a strategy/RPG for the Sega Saturn which had a bit of a cult following. My best friend and I would play that game for hours on end, so much in fact that I was afraid his Saturn would melt down, blow up, disintegrate, or something to that effect. Well, years passed, his copy of DF got a crack in it and his Saturn is long gone. It sells on eBay for about $70 US (at least), and until recently, we could only wish it came out for PS2.

So then, at the ripe old ages of 23 (me) and 21 (him), we were hanging out at his place and we started talking about Dragon Force. We were talking about how great it would be if it were remade for PS2, with the charm of the old game. It was then that I looked on GameFAQs.com </shameless plug> and found that none other than "Sega Ages: Dragon Force" announced for PS2! Sure, it had been delayed a couple of times, but that's all right. And there was only a Japanese release date, but that was also okay, since there HAD to be a US release date announced soon, right?

Wrong. It came out in Japan almost two months ago, and still no word on a US release. I'm praying for Christmas, but I won't hold my breath. I do hear that the PS2 remake is awesome, though. It's got tons of extras, upgraded graphics, and also has the Saturn version of the game bundled in, so old school fans can play the exact same game as they played years ago.

And as the floodgates of nostalgia swing wide open...does anyone else echo these sentiments?

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