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Red Wings autographs

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Since Detroit is finally here for the first tiem since the lockout I'm remaking my Red Wings autograph thread.

To just answer the questions before they are asked.


Very few of Datsyuk, Zetterberg & Lidstrom.

More or less everyone else I have a few of.

Send me a list & I'll send you prices & scans.

I'll post more detail when I have a little more time, but right now I gotta go to get thema gain.

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I'll have scans up later today.

Just finished scanning them, but having trouble with my gallery right now, so I'll try to load them later.

Definitely got a couple Zetterbergs (long as you are looking for a card)

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here is cards (NOTE- I believe the Yzerman is already sold, however if it somehow manages not to be it is $45 U.S. + S/h)


here is photos


I'll try to get them all priced after, but a breif cliff notes is (all $$ in U.S. funds)

cards (S/H is not included in prices $1.75 to Canada, $2.50 to U.S.A, $4 overseas)

Datsyuk $25 ea

Zetterberg $20 ea

Lidstrom $20 ea

Lang $12 ea

Legace, Osgood, Schneider, Kronwall, Fischer, Holmstrom $7 ea.

all others $4 ea.

I have a few others like Williams, Draper & Maltby & a few former wings in another gallery, but for now here, is the most current stuff.


Datsyuk $40

Shanahan $40

Lang $25 ea.

Franzen $15

Kronwall $15

Legace $15

Team photo $40 (DOES NOT HAVE Yzerman, Chelios, Shanahan, Lidstrom, Datsyuk)

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