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what is this guy talking about?

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Hey mods just wanted to know if this was some silly nucks fan being a silly nucks fan. It's a locked topic so i assume it is, but just making sure.

"Heard it on the radio, Lidstrom has been traded to Vancouver for Jovanovski. Looks like a pretty even trade all around. "

There's zero way this trade could even happen as vancover is a couple bucks short of the cap (literally) and would have to make up the difference to get back under it,....jovo and thug boy (bertuzzi) would make more sence.

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I really can't believe that the Cunucks would want to trade for Lidstrom and his contract.

Jovanovski could be good here, and I guess that I wouldn't have a problem with him here. Bertuzzi on the other hand, no. I really never liked Bertuzzi, but after the Steve Moore incident, that gave me more reason to hate him. We don't want a guy with that kinda reputation on this team.

But again, this trade will never happen.

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