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Spector: Turco may sign with Detroit this summer

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#21 Legendary D In 03

Legendary D In 03

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Posted 04 January 2006 - 12:31 AM

He's a great guy, too. He used to play for the K Wings here in Kalamazoo, and I'd always go and talk to him after the games. Just an annoying 6th/7th grader at the time, but he was still very friendly and would always sign autographs and stay a couple minutes and talk.
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#22 Jedi


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Posted 04 January 2006 - 01:44 AM

Turco, who is winless against Detroit in his career, donning the Winged Wheel?

You know what they say... If you can't beat 'em...

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#23 aflac9262



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Posted 04 January 2006 - 02:53 AM

I can only wish.

#24 FunkyBlueFish203



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Posted 04 January 2006 - 01:54 PM

QUOTE (Jedi4Jesus @ January 4, 2006 - 01:44AM)
Turco, who is winless against Detroit in his career, donning the Winged Wheel?

You know what they say...  If you can't beat 'em...


Although I think this is just a ploy to weazel more money out of Dallas. The old age Modano to Detroit rumours are a good example.

Turco would be terrific on the Wings. He's a solid goalie, can move the puck very well and is a fiesty competitor.

"He sits next to Steve in that locker room for a reason -- because we wanted him to internalize some of those things. Steve was able to will this organization to unbelievable years with the three Stanley Cups, and now it's up to someone else. Z has that kind of will and that work ethic and that passion to be the best. It's going to be his time." -- Coach Mike Babcock

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#25 BlakChamber


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Posted 04 January 2006 - 02:39 PM

I'd love to see Turco in Detroit. Hopefully he doesn't know how bad the fans treat the goalie here though laugh.gif

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#26 haroldsnepsts



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Posted 04 January 2006 - 03:20 PM

QUOTE (BlakChamber @ January 4, 2006 - 02:39PM)
I'd love to see Turco in Detroit. Hopefully he doesn't know how bad the fans treat the goalie here though laugh.gif

that's the irony.

Most NHL goaltenders probably don't realize they will be more loved by Wings fans when they play for any other team than Detroit. laugh.gif

#27 redwings1914


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Posted 05 January 2006 - 01:08 AM

I have wanted Turco here ever since he left UofM.....He owned almost every NCAA goalie record (thank you very much Ryan Miller dry.gif) and has a great passion for the game, I would really not be surprised in the least bit if he signed here.
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#28 rage


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Posted 05 January 2006 - 01:35 AM

I tell ya, if the Wings CAN land Turco. Look out. Stanely Cup could be coming home!!

I think with our roster as is; add in Turco, we would be so awsome. I mean looks how this guys handels the puck. Look who would recieve the passes.

Also, remember that we do play in a weak division this year. So games that we win because of our goaltending maybe not as high of a number as other teams. And hell, who knows, Turco may take a little less to play here. This is his home state.

As for Howard, he will be better if he spent a couple more years in GR. We all know that. With our current goaltending situation this year, next year something has to change (IMO). How ironic that Martys' contract ends this year too.

Let's get him Kenny and Steve. lol

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