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San Diego RW get-together?!?

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Any fans down here in Lo-Cal interested in a get-together somewhere (like a sports bar) for a game? I'm thinking that a weekend game in March would be good, this gives us time to panic (prepare) and sober up afterwords. This narrows it down to a couple of candidates:

Mar 4 6pm PST @Coyotes

Mar 11 4:30PM PST Blackhawks @JLA

Mar 18 7pm @Edmonton

Mar 25 4:30 Blue Jackets @JLA

Mar 31 4pm, Blackhawks @JLA

I've gave up on sports bars here in San Diego years ago, but I'll start reconnaisance for a location.

Andy in San Diego

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Callahans in Mira Mesa or Players in Clairemont Mesa will usually turn games on if asked. I've been in the Hungry Stick in Clairemont Mesa before and they've had OLN games on, don't know about Center Ice package. I'm in MM within stumbling distance of Callahans and there's another guy down the road with big Wings and UM flags out front of his place, don't know if he's on the board though.


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