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I would like to say thank you to all those fans at last night’s game (2/14/06) for cheering on the griffins. I loved how they chanted "Lets Go Griffins, Lets Go Griffins", how they got after the ref’s when they made bad calls, how they cheered on our players, just the loudness of the crowed in general……..NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a pitiful crowed it was. Don’t you people know how to cheer for your team? We went to a Red Wings game last week, what a difference in the atmosphere there compared to Saint Van Andel. Heck, I tried at least 4 or 5 times to get people chanting "Lets Go Griffins, Lets Go Griffins" no one at all for except some young kids behind us help out, yes that was my big mouth in the upper bowel chanting "Lets Go Griffins, Lets Go Griffins". There some woman down in front of us that would turn around and give me dirty looks every time I did it. Lots of people at my work who get the season ticket for the night, go to the game, and they come back to work and say to me “What is up with that place, don’t anyone cheer on the team?� They enjoyed the game in general but thought the whole atmosphere sucked. I had one say they rather go to a fury game because it is more fun there, the crowed gets in to it. I know by me ranting here probably will not get more people to cheer, but dang it all people, let cheer on our team.

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