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Signature Guidelines Enforcement

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Please take a moment and read the Forum Guidelines at the above link.

Over the past few months there have been far too many large images, large text, etc., present in the signatures of members here. In order to make the LetsGoWings.com forums a pleasent experience for all of our visitors we ask that you all heed the following guidelines regarding signatures on these forums:

- Signatures are limited to ONE jpg/gif image no larger than 400x100 pixels. Images that are larger than this will be removed by the moderating staff without warning.

- Sigs are also limited to six lines at the default text size. If you opt to use a larger text size you are limited to three lines.

- Members using BOTH an image and text in their signature are limited to one image and two lines of default text size only.

- If you use an animated GIF of a video sequence it will be removed if the file size is deemed inappropriately large. Files such as these can dramatically slow site performance for other members.

- Repeated failure to follow the Signature Guidelines outlined here will be grounds for suspension.

Starting this Wednesday (7/12), these rules will be strictly enforced on these forums.

Offending signatures will be removed immediately by the moderating staff when noticed and without warning. A link to the Forum Guidelines will be placed in your signature in its place.

We ask members that have a signature that does not fit within these guidelines to edit it immediately. Those that fail to do this will have their signatures edited by forum staff. If you re-insert a non-conforming signature your account will be suspended.

I don't like placing a heavy hand in on things like this, but the site needs to be a clean and easy-to-read experience for everyone and not require visitors to constantly scroll past excessively large signatures.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to PM me here.


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