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Updated Forums Layout

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Shortly after 9:30PM Friday night I rolled out some updates to the LGW.com forums here. Some of the changes you've probably already noticed, including a smaller top header, a white menu display instead of black and a new, an AJAX-enabled Red Wings schedule calendar topping off the right column, etc.

The calendar should come in especially handy during the season, as the calendar can shift through the different months of the season on the fly without re-loading your browser window. To view information on a specific game (opponent, time, tv/radio, etc.) just roll your mouse over the date and a small pop-up window displays. Try it out!

The new design also features a table-less design and is completely DIV-driven. This should increase overall loading times for you as your browser window will no longer "hang" as it attempts to completely load the table before displaying in your window.

This design is optimized for monitors with a minimum horizontal resolution of 1024 pixels and works best in FireFox.

If you have any comments, questions or notice any bugs, please feel free to PM me via the board here.


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