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WANTED - Detroit vs. Colorado regular season games (1996-2002)

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Games that I found-

12/17/96 Col 4 Det 3 @Col Roy's first game vs. Wings after trade; 2nd and 3rd periods only

6/3/98 Dal 3 Det 2 OT Game #5 Western Final First 3 periods(Have to find the OT on another tape)

10/27/99 Det 5 Col 3 @Det

12/17/99 Det 5 Col 2 @ Det Wing's score 3 goals, 2 sh in less than 2 minutes @ end of 2nd period

1/7/01 Det 4 Col 3 @Det

3/23/02 Det 2 Col 0 @ COL Shanny scores #500, courtesy of Rob Blake

2/8/03 Col 5 Det 3 @ Col

I also would have all games of series for 03/04 and 05/06.

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