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Andy Pred 48

Day of reckoning here

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13th Fwd  

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  1. 1. Choose one of the hopefuls as your choice

    • Matt Hussey
    • Krys Kolanos
    • Brad Norton
    • Valtteri Filppula

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I would like to see Flip get it but I think he'll be off to GR for one more year.

He'll be a def next season and be stronger physically too.

Its a close call, will the coaching staff go for that presence that Norton

gives them, the work ethic of Hussey or the untapped skill of Kolanos?

I've a hunch that Kolanos will get in but what say you guys?

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i would like to see Filppula play up with the wings this year, but like you said he'll most likly be down in GR which is a good thing so he can get more icetime.. He'll be up with the wings next year most likly.. My bet is that Kolanos will be with the wings this year

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