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Wings vs. Oilers Wed. Nov 8th

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Hi, I got some tickets on short notice, 12th row center ice for tomorrow's game against Edmonton. I'm taking a friend of mine, and his girlfriend....that leaves 1 extra ticket.

Now don't be shy, I know there are cute young and female Wings fans on this board. If you'd like to go, nothing would make me happier.

I am a normal guy, 24 years old, college grad, 6'3" ~ 200lbs, I'll even pick you up, buy you dinner or a beer, whatever!

I go to a lot of games, and if you haven't been yet this year, nows your chance!

Call me or email me your pics.




IPB Image

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And as a bonus, females in this forum will find a few teeth missing as a sign of 'grit' - or so I'm told....

Yeah I have an even set of teeth..just the odd ones that are missing :hehe:

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