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We'll be hanging out watching the Rose Bowl at Matt's place. Party starts a half hour before kickoff. Mr. and Mrs. Matt will supply the hamburgers - if you're going to attend, BYOB and a dish to pass. RSVP's only, please!

PM me for directions to avoid posting the Godfaddah's address on the web.

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So I woke up the next morning after a fun group event at the Godfaddah's house, and what to my surprise do I have....the flu. Coincidence?!?!? I think not. Conspiracy theorists would be happy to note that it was VladyIBelieve16 that was battling a cold and brought this "california cold" to the party. Now we know what VIB16's alledged side dish was. It also was true that VIB16 and Mrs. Godfaddah were losing(lost) their voices which was exactly the same symptoms that I had when I woke up the next morning.

Now every good CSI and Law & Order show will explain the importance of a motive. Their motive is obvious. I am a Michigan State fan going to a Rose Bowl party. Every one else is cheering for Michigan, even the little ones. I was outnumbered. I wore my MSU gear which shouldn't be any surprise to anyone and had to hold in my inward cheers for USC due to a) complete shock in the outcome of the game, and b) I would be executed faster than Saddam Hussein before sunrise of Eid ul-Adha (thanks Wikipedia).

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, those are the facts of this case and they are not disputable.

JK guys and girls!! I had fun at the get together like I always do and have been fighting off a cold for several weeks now. The cold won on New Years Day which makes me believe that God is a Wolverine fan.

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