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Report: Guerin not taking the morning skate today.

Laraque has waived his NTC for a deal to Pittsburgh...

"Would you have done it again [with regards to the Luongo-Bert trade]?"

"We had to trade him, we had no other options."

"Yeah, I mean with hindsight..."

*mumbles* "We had no choice..."

"... As Jay Leno said to Hugh Grant with the stripper: WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??" *glares at Keenan*


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Guerin not on the ice for morning skate. Wonder if this means anything? Not saying he would be coming to detroit but looks more likely hes being moved.

I'm leaning toward him being dealt, obviously, but I think they'd keep him off today regarless if they work out an extension or not. Not worth the "risk."

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