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PLEASE READ: A Note on Spambots

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As many of you have noticed the Invision Power Board software is susceptible to spam bot accounts that are able to circumvent the "anti-bot" tool on the account registration screen.

I'm currently working toward alleviating this issue (the new forum software is installed on the development server and getting re-skinned to look like LGW -- once that's done, this forum will be upgraded to that version). If the new software isn't up to snuff (hard to tell on a dev server that doesn't get "wild" traffic) there a couple of mods that will be implimented.


All this does is flag this site as "active" and will result in MORE spam bots coming to these boards. I ask that you do not even enter these threads (the subjects are usually a dead giveaway, and most are identifiable by the smilie face icon used on all of them) and report the username of the bot and/or link to the offending thread. Myself and especially the moderators are usually very quick on the draw in terms of removing these posts, but every now and again one stays out on the live forums longer than it should.

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