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LGW Trivia Challenge: Win two tickets to Monday's Ducks game!

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I. The Prize
II. Contest Details
III. Rules

I. The Prize

This LetsGoWings.com Trivia Challenge prize is a pair of center ice tickets for this Monday's (March 26th) game at Joe Louis Arena against the high-powered Anaheim Ducks!

These tickets have been generously donated to the site by vladdy16!

II. Contest Details & Guidelines

- 23 Available Entry Spots / Number Assignment

The LGW.com Trivia Challenge uses the Mega Millions ( http://www.megamillions.com ) "Mega Ball" to determine our contest winner. The number (1-46) is randomly drawn as the 6th and final ball in bi-weekly drawings that take place on Tuesday and Friday nights at 11pm ET.

Correct Trivia Challenge entries will be granted two numbers that are determined by the order of the e-mail timestamp. The first correct entry will get #s 1 and 24, the second will get 2 and 25 and so on until all 46 numbers are reserved.

NOTE: In the event that all spots are NOT filled by the 10:00pm deadline on 3/23 (see next rule) the remaining open spots will be defaulted back to the original ticket owner.

- Contest Start Date/Time

This contest officially begins at 12 Noon on Thursday, March 22nd. At this time the TRIVIA QUESTION will be posted in this thread and correct entries will be accepted from only LGW.com Community Supporters for the first 24 hours. On Friday, March 23rd at 12 Noon the contest will open to ALL members.

Entry for this contest will promptly end at 10:00PM ET on Friday, March 23rd. This time is intentionally selected in order to have the Entry List posted in this thread so eligible members can see their numbers on the posted list prior to the drawing.

- Community Supporter Early Benefits

LetsGoWings.com wants to give back to those members that have generously contributed to the support of this web site and forum over the last several seasons! For this contest all LGW.com Community Supporters (CSers) will be given a 24-hour head start in this contest.

When the Trivia Challenge Question is posted only correct entries from CSers will be eligible. Any other entries are ineligible and will be deleted. Once the 24-hour deadline has passed all correct answers will be eligible for entry.

- Members that enter MUST have at least 25 posts

This will help prevent cheaters from registering multiple accounts. (Suspicious user accounts will be ineligible from the contest. This will be determined at my discretion.)

- How to Enter!

Members must submit their answer to contests(at)letsgowings.com using the same e-mail account that is attached to their LGW username and include the following:

- Trivia Answer
- LGW Username (only registered members may enter!)
- Your Name

A listing of all 23 eligible members will be listed in this thread once all spots have been filled.

Members will be contacted by the Private Messaging (PM) system here on the forums with a notification if their answer was correct or incorrect. Members with correct entries will be given their entry numbers at this time. Members with incorrect answers will be directed to enter again if they wish to do so. (Note: Members may not be notified immediately on whether their answer is correct or not, but will be notified as quickly as possible.)

- How to Win!

The MegaMillions (http://www.megamillions.com) drawing for Friday, March 23rd at 11pm ET will determine the winner.

The 6th (Mega Ball) number in the drawing will be used to determine the winner. The member that has his/her number selected will be contacted by myself so that arrangements can be made to pick up your tickets!

III. Rules

- One Entry per LGW Member

- Entries MUST include your trivia answer, your LGW username and your real name. Entries that do not include this information will be disqualified

- The e-mail account used to submit your answer must be the same one associated with your LGW username

- Members attempting to circumvent the 1 entry rule will be disqualified

- Members caught helping another member submit a correct answer will have both members' entries disqualified

- Members that enter must have at least 25 posts

- Only correct answers from CS members will be accepted during the first 24 hours of the contest.


Good luck everyone! If anyone has a comment or question, please feel free to PM me or contact me at webmaster(at)letsgowings.com

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Registration is now CLOSED! Scroll down to view the entry list!

Trivia Challenge Eligibility List:

1/24. Schneids_is_Awesome

2/25. rwfan007

3/26. DraperFan MN

4/27. hockeycrazy3033

5/28. cincywngsfan

6/29. lint123

7/30. hoogs

8/31. alowicious

9/32. SuperCalaFilppulastic!

10/33. evil204

11/34. Elshupacabra

12/35. redwinger4747

13/36. timothy1997

14/37. Wingtastic

15/38. hckypete96

16/39. YzermanForever

17/40. Winged Scooter

18/41. Heroes of Hockeytown

19/42. Cruiser008

20/43. Yzermania19

21/44. chelios4eva

22/45. tubaguy

23/46. Bluedevils_13

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