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Playoff Tickets

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I was hoping to get playoff tickets for the games in buffalo, so I can go to some playoff games lives ~ only been to one. And we got screwed here, no tickets were on sale for the public..I thought there was a rule against this but I guess not.. Season ticket holders all bought muiltiple tickets, now I look on ebay and there are pairs of tickets going for $650. If we play Toronto or Montreal, I'd suspect tickets would be going for $1000+

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We have now clinched a spot. Since Colorado lost last night, they only have 8 games remaining which would give them 16 points at most. So the most points they can get is 99 and we have 100. Therefore, we have clinched a playoff spot. :clap:

I want to go to a playoff game in a bad, bad way. My dad's boss might give him tickets this year since he was supposed to get them last year. Here's hoping he takes me with him.

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How much do nose bleeder tickets cost in the playoffs? Do the prices change as the series gets longer (game 4 is more than 1, 2, and 3)? I'm thinking some round 1 game 7 tickets might be a nice thing to have.

We have the $54 tickets (row 11, upperbowl)... here was our price breakdown:

$103.50 for Round 1 and 2 (about a 191.7% markup)

$158 for Round 3 (about a 292.6% markup)

$270 for Round 4 (about a 500% markup)

Basically for the entire Playoffs we would pay, $5,110.00 (not to mention the $30 in handling fees for us season ticket holders)

There you have it applying those markups to the $22 season (cheapest normally) you get:

Round 1 and 2: $42

Round 3: $64

Round4: $110.

Hope that is about accurate and helps.

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