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Vinny First to 50

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Congrats to him. Though it was a brutal goal. Funny little spin and a deflection in.

I must say I am suprised with how Ovechkin's scoring has slowed this season...though I suppose Wash did trade off a lot at the deadline.

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well congrats to Lecavalier.

I've always liked him, never expected him to be the NHL's top scorer though.

At least not this year, he came up fast out of no where from a slow start.

To be honest, I kinda would have liked to see him or Thornton or Jagr (though Jagr dropped a while back) win the overall scoring championship this year. I know Crosby will be so hard to be over the coming years ... I just thought it would have been cool to see the vet's hold it for one more year. Just to say... "your time is so, just no yet."

Oh well, good season by them all.

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