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RED WINGS NATION WEST -Let me hear you!

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A message from your President

Hey there Red Wings Nation West (AKA RWNW)!!

I needed to get a tally of who is out there right now.

Yesterday, upon short notice I had a small gathering of LGW'ers at my house for Game 5. We had pizza and beer and watched the game at my place in Orange County (Huntington Beach), California.

I'd like to get a tally of all the RWNW'ers out here for potential future events.

You can get in touch with me in one of two ways if you'd like to be part of future RWNW events:

1. PM me with your first name as well as email address and cell number.

2. You can email me at wingnut817@hotmail.com

If you choose email please supply me with the following:

1. Your username on LGW

2. Your first name

3. Telephone number (and specifiy whether it's a cell or home phone number).

4. Subject line should read "LGW" so I don't delete your email by mistake.

Get in touch! It's a lot more fun to bring Wings fans together. We had a great time yesterday and it's a great group of people!!!

Hope to be hearing from you alll SOON!

Wings Fans UNITE,


RWNW President

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I'll be in Ontario for work all week, so if anyone has a source for game 6 tix, I'm interested.

Does anyone who's been to the games know what the scalping situation is like at the Pond?

Would I be better off getting my tix lined up ahead of time?

Any advice would be much appreciated.



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