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Another 4 mins last night? Either way something is wrong, if they don't want Rex in cause of his size lets get someone in who is healthy. Ellis could do a job or is Kopecky ready? I would have Rex, one half chance falling his way could be a game winner for us, still lets see how it pans out for game 2.

No scapegoat thread either, just genuine concern for a guy who's better than his current status. A full on Calder is what we all want.

Until we lose a game, I have no problem with our lineup. Why change a winning lineup no matter what???

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Guest jaytan

He's hurt. It's obvious. Of course, half our team is hurt right now, and we need some of them to play through it as well as they can, because the more games they get in, hopefully, the more they'll get their games back.

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