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Pucks & Pigskin I: LGW's Fantasy Football League

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Disclaimer: Yes, I know this is a HOCKEY site. But a majority of us are fans of other sports as well and this caters to those members that are die-hard multi-sport fans. Besides, who doesn't love fantasy football?

Registration for the first annual LetsGoWings.com Fantasy Football Bowl is now open! This is a 12-team, head-to-head league hosted by Yahoo. Scoring and draft information is below:

Cost: Free!

Draft: Friday, August 31st @ 8:00pm ET

Starting Positions: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, K, DST (6 Bench)


- Passing Yards (25 yards per point)
- Passing Touchdowns (6)
- Interceptions (-2)
- Rushing Yards (10 yards per point)
- Rushing Touchdowns (6)
- Reception Yards (10 yards per point)
- Reception Touchdowns (6)
- Return Touchdowns (6)
- 2-Point Conversions (2)
- Fumbles Lost (-2)
- Offensive Fumble Return TD (6)

- Field Goals 0--49 Yards (3)
- Field Goals 50+ Yards (4)
- Point After Attempt Made (1)

- Sack (1)
- Interception (2)
- Fumble Recovery (2)
- Touchdown (6)
- Safety (2)
- Block Kick (2)
- Points Allowed 0 points (10)
- Points Allowed 1-6 points (7)
- Points Allowed 7-13 points (4)
- Points Allowed 14-20 points (1)
- Points Allowed 21-27 points (0)
- Points Allowed 28-34 points (-1)
- Points Allowed 35+ points (-4)

Prizes: Not determined as of yet, but I'll likely have a gift certificate of some sort for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place finishers.


To join this league you MUST send me a Private Message through the web site here or e-mail me at mattschwartz@msn.com. This is a mostly a first-come, first-serve registration format with Community Supporters getting first crack.

You MUST be able to attend the live draft! Don't sign-up if you can't make it!

Experienced players only, please. GMs in this league will also get first notice on sign-ups for the coming Buy-In LGW.com Fantasy Hockey League along with the free league the site will be hosting.

Have questions? Feel free to ask away.

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i'd play, but since i don't understand the game at all...

being 7 hours time difference doesn't help either

lol..the draft's like at 3 in the morning my time

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The term 'Live Draft' refers to everyone logging on to the Draft page as the draft is about to occur. Then everyone picks their teams in the allotted time.

It's not a person to person thing. It's Live because everyone is logged in at the same time.

I hope that helpls

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What do you mean by the "No go on this one" with a "?" I obviously can't make a live draft since I live in Green Bay, but I am 100% in if the draft is online.

no no if anyone has played before he just means its an online live draft. its not an auto pick where you don't have to be online. although a live draft you don't have to be online..the computer will just pick for you the best player that is left untill you fill all of you spots

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:lol: It's an online live draft, guys. I wouldn't request anyone to be physically present -- just don't have a computer that sucks. ;)

As long as you can be online and can access the league's Yahoo page on the 31st at 8pm ET, you're good to go.

NFM -- It's just like the fantasy hockey draft, yet for football.

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Guest DetroitIan

Im officially in the league. My team is Detroit Bad Boyz. Man I hope I get a high pick.

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Guest DetroitIan

dont' count on it. MikesDogWhisperer will beat everyone=)

We shall see my friend. :sly: I won my league last year. And was runner-up the year before. But the year before that I was a number 1 seed the whole season, then got beat in the first round of the playoffs, lol. The year before that, I was runner -up again. I sorta forgot what happened any years before that.

But really, I love the competition. I want everyone to be really into this league. I want everyone to take it seriously. I want it to be as challenging as it can get. That's what I love about fantasy football. I play fantasy hockey, fantasy baseball, and fantasy basketball also. And from year to year, the fantasy football leagues, are the most competitive and taken most seriously than any of the others I play from year to year. And for me, that makes it the most fun.

Should be a fun year. Good luck to everyone in the league. You'll need it. :sly: (just messin, we gotta have some sort of smack talk)lol.

Edited by DetroitIan

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Guest DetroitIan

Yeah as of right now, there are still 3 spots available. I just checked.

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With me having dial-up, i guess it would be like a real NFL draft since i'd probably be taking 15 minutes to make a pick! Plus i get booted when somebody calls here, which would make it even more like real life since i'd be on the phones while you guys are waiting. :P

Just kidding of course, im not signing up...i couldnt really guarantee i could make the live draft anway. But i'd definitely like to do a NFL pick'em *with pointspreads*

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