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Complete Forum Upgrade Forthcoming

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I wanted to give everyone a heads-up that the LetsGoWings.com Forums will be receiving a complete overhaul and update at some point over the next few days. I'm shooting for Saturday (12/8) but it will depend on my host's availability. I'm trying to make this happen on an off-day so there's no gameday traffic issues.

Please note that some posts will be lost in this transition -- we're actually going to take the database of the active forum here and plug it into the development server's install of the forum software (it's a fresh install, fully updated to the latest version). Since we'll be taking a certain "flash" of the database the posts that occur after that "flash" will be lost.

Overall the forum will likely be down for a few hours as this database transition is made and things are cleaned up on the live server to make sure everything works.

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me here.


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