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Upgraded LGW.com Server

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A lot of you probably noticed yesterday evening that the message forums here were offline and there was a good reason for it: the site's hosting plan has been upgraded.

Trey had floated the idea to me about upgrading the site to a more robust plan that will help prevent site slowdowns and availability issues during peak traffic times (like the upcoming trade deadline -- an annual site-crippler). After moving another site earlier this week to see how well it went, Trey had the time available yesterday to move LGW over.

It was quicker than I had expected, which resulted in the lack of any notice to you regarding the fact that the forums (not the site as a whole) would be unavailable while this transition was taking place. (Forums were locked down because posts made on the site from the start of the transition to it's completion would be lost.)

I hope the site seems a bit faster for you and (*knock on wood*) everything will be smooth sailing (no hangups!) when the NHL trade deadline and Stanley Cup playoffs arrive.

Go Wings!

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