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Jamie Tardif fight

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Jamie Tardif has started to become a fighter this season. I remember reading an article about him on MLive saying he'd start fighting more to try and earn a spot on the Wings someday.

Hopefully the Wings organization is taking notice. As a fight fan, you can never have too many fighters. :)

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Thats a pretty good, and long bout. Is that the one against Love. Does anyone know how he has done in his other fights this season.

A pretty good collection of them have been against Love, thats the 3-4 time they have fought. All in all you can see Tardiff is a bit new to the pugilist aspect, but he has a mean streak in him that had helped him through a couple bouts...

He is definitly becoming more of a agitator/grinder than before the season started, he is also being rewarded with some golden scoring opportunities as well

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