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Guest Crymson

Pictures from tonight's game

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Guest Crymson

Edit: I added some more.

Here are some pics I took:

McCarty at the pre-game skate. He seemed at peace, of sorts; he got a massive pop from the crowd when his name was announced, but he didn't respond much in terms of body language.


Osgood before the start of the game:


Kronwall's ass:


And, of course, what you've all been waiting for---the Grind Line:


Drake getting his award:


Osgood during the national anthem (that's for you, HC!)


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Guest Crymson
Oooh! You are awesome. Gracias! :)

He looks like he has a potbelly in that picture. Hehe.

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These are from other games, but I thought I would share.... OV was from at the Jackets game this year.


Dude! My wife and I are in that picture also taking pictures! I am the one in the white Wings jersey 3rd from the left and she is in the red Wings jersey 4th from the left.

Nice photos, I probably have some shots of you taking pictures, too!

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