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Red Wings Nation: Celebration Photos

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I'm trying not to put the carriage in front of the horse here, but I wanted to get the word out about something I'd like to try out. Obviously, a lot of the fans here are from all over the country -- and all over the world -- and I'd like to, in some way, symbolize a "worldwide celebration" of sorts.

So, if the Red Wings win the Stanley Cup tonight and you're in the Joe, Royal Oak, any of the area bars, in your family room or sitting in your living room in Stockholm -- take a picture (or video). Use your cellphone, whatever. Capture that moment of celebration and e-mail it to me.

As long as the photos are good I'll post them up -- no male genitalia please. :lol:

E-mail them from your phone to: mattschwartz@gmail.com or mattschwartz@msn.com and be sure to put "Cup Celebration" or some derivative of that as the subject. I'll try to gather them all up and post them as soon as I can. Don't forget to let me know who/where/when the photos are coming from.

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