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ATL @Wings, Fri nite 24Oct

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Holy crap! I'm in Detroit when the Wings are playing a game. I can afford tix and can get down to the Joe. Anyone here interested in meeting up for a pre-game dinner/beer? I'll be coming in from Pontiac, so meeting somewhere near the JLA would be better than driving to say, Warren and then over to the Joe. If you're interested, drop me a PM. Or, if you have tips & tricks for getting to the Joe, parking, &c., I'd appreciate those, too.


Andy in San Diego Pontiac

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When need some actual crash and bangers on our 3/4 lines we have NO checking it's pretty annoying. The moment the other team plays physical we do nothing, at least last year we had Drake out there and sometimes Downey. I liked Kopecky but he really hasn't taken into the role he is supposed to as the Drake replacement(I'm hoping it's because he is still reahabing). But it would be nice to sit him and hudler/or Maltby/Draper and put Mac and Downey in. Yes you are replacing more talented players with less talented. But you can have to much of one thing and not enough of another. One of the biggest keys to the Wings winning was balance of power.

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