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RWNW - November Saturday Game

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OK. I was thinking it's that time again - Let's do a Red Wings Game at my place! :)

There's three Saturday's I'm specifically looking at for potential games:

1. November 8 4pm (PST) Devils (away)/Wings *home

2. November 22 7pm (PST) Wings (away)/Flames*home

3. November 29 4pm (PST) Wings (away)/Bruins *home

Please let me know ASAP which game works for you!

I am hoping for one party PER month on a weekend depending on schedules.

Please note if you received a PM from me, I apologize for you getting it in triplicate - the system froze when I sent it :(

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Nov 8: Maybe

22: Maybe not...

29: Best of the 3, since it has the advantage of being around thanksgiving and not much will be happening, I think

I'm moving soon (well, assuming the loan comes thru, house passes inspection, etc). so the next month or 2 will be very exciting for me.

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It's also looking like the 29th is going to be the day of the RWNW gathering. I will post a separate thread with all the details!

If you're around this Saturday, the 8th, a small group of LGW'ers/RWNW are getting together at my place! Who says you can't have two gatherings in one month!

This saturday's menu is White Chicken Chili with all the accoutrements!

PM me if you're interesting in coming this Saturday, November 8th!

Looking forward to the 29th Gathering as well :)

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