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Andy Pred 48

Michigan boys to watch

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C Jared Knight in his first year at London Knights.

5'11" 180LB from Battle Creek has put up 10+11

in 40 games with a +9 rating.

RW Austin Watson in his first year at Windsor Spitfires.

6'3" 171LB from Ann Arbor has put up 7+18 in

41 games with a +10 rating.

Now I know that both lads are playing for 2 of the top sides

in the OHL and that always helps you when starting off. But

the numbers these 2 are putting up are pretty impressive for

rookies. Both have fair size and with another 5 years to fill

out so to say, they could be ones to watch. I'm all for having

some local blood in the senior team, hence my calls for Booth

or Moss being traded for. Just think they would give that extra

grit we are always calling for.

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After they both had promising rookie seasons, the pair have made good solid starts to the new season. Both are a healthy +- so far , which is something the Wings org likes. I think both are eligble for the draft this year so will be interesting to see if they get picked up.

Another Michigan naitive to keep an eye on this year is a young D playing on the Spitfires with Watson, Cam Fowler. Turns 18 in Dec, has spent the previous 3 years on the US Nat

under 18 team before joining Windsor this summer.

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Well not quite half way thru their second season and Jared has already matched his stats for last year. Posting 19+11 and a +20 rating in 32 games see's him sit 5th overall in scoring and 3rd in the +- for his Knights side. Austin is 1pt shy of his rookie total contributing

10+18 in 37 games and has a +12 rating for the Spitfires. He is lying 8th overall in scoring on the stacked Windsor team.

Point of note, I think the kid Fowler is gunna go before the Wings get a chance to draft him, unless we blow the rest of the year and finish in the bottom 5 overall. He currently sits 3rd overall in scoring for D-men with 3+37 and a +26 in 32 games.

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I have seen Jared Knight play a ton over the past few years, as I goto alot of Knights games. The kid can flat out play. I have no doubt that if he was 3 inches bigger, he would be getting a real long look for the top 30 in this years deaft. He finished the regular season at 36G 21A 57pts in 63 games. This is with a noticeable lack of icetime under Dale Hunter. His ice has increased recently, and he should be taking a much larger role on next year - look for him to be top10 in OHL scoring. The things I really like about his game is the fact that he plays with an edge. He is constantly driving to the net, and sometimes is almost a little too reckless out there. He has great finishing ability around the net, and has shown great skill on 1on1's. He could improve on his playmaking ability, as the assist totals are down, but he also has to deal with playing with a couple puckhogs *cough* Kadri *cough*... so that cuts down on alot of opportunites for assists. Knight has also had a strong start to this year's playoffs, and whoever drafts this guy be getting a steal if he goes anywhere past the top 50.(crossing my fingers that I will hear the Wings call his name)

Austin Watson is someone I have not seen alot of, but did get to watch him about 5-10 times in the last few years with Windsor. A lack of icetime was also a big thing that has been stopping this guy from really breaking out as a legit prospect. That has changed recently with a move to Peterborough, a team with much less depth than the Spitfires. He should put up some good totals next year, even though he managed to be just over a point-per-game between Windsor and Peterborough this season (20g-34a-54pts in 52 games). He has a big frame (6ft3), has good hands, and is one of the best shot blockers around. He has room to fill out, and hopefully will start playing more of a power forward game next year. He also has another great prospect in Ryan Spooner to play with, so he is not alone with the Pete's. Alot of draft lists have Watson going in the top 20, I wouldnt be surprised if I saw him go just past 10th.

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think i should take up scouting.

Jared went in the 2nd round 32nd overall to Boston.

Austin went in the 1st 18th overall to Nashville.

Cam goes later than expected, 12th overall to Anaheim, at one point i thought we may have had a chance at getting him.

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