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TSN's mid-season Top 30 rankings...

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Wish I could see more of Duchene, he has been great in Brampton playing with Hodgson and Grachev. Canada will be sick again next year at the Juniors with him, Taylor Hall and Nazem Kadri.

TSN has Kadri at 8 which can be justified, but I can see him sliding to the 15 range. There is a lot of holes in his game, he needs to get alot bigger and tougher if he is going to succeed at the NHL level. He is definately a top 10 talent, just lacks in other areas.

I have to believe that Ryan Ellis would not be at 13 if he was 6ft1 instead of a generous 5ft10. Some team that is picking between 6 and 10 is going to get nervous when they see Ellis on the board and ****** him before someone else can. He is not the best in 5on5 situations, but not terrible by any means. This guy is a beast on the powerplay, he is very calm and makes good decisions.

Nice showing from the team Ontario U-17 team that won gold, with Duchene, Ellis, and Holland listed at 17. Taylor Hall was also on that team, who is going to be #1 Overall next year.

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